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December 31, 2006



Good point Jim. Hydrogen is dead and other forms of fuel cell appear uncompetitive with NEV (nano-Li-ion-battery EV) and ICE in transportation.

BTW, can you fix the incessant centering of the comments column?


I agree. $50,000 say for a top of the range nano-Li-ion EV which is here now in 2007 is a far better step in the right direction towards higher overall energy efficiency.

I'm sure there are lots of people interested in buying a quality EV with good specs.

As electricity production becomes cleaner and more renewable, so too will the EVs on the road using that electricity.


$80 grand for a car that uses more expensive fuel? Don't think that will go, especially when Lithium electrics with equal range will be nearly half that price, and use a far less expensive fuel.

Of course, if concerns about hydrogen destroying the ozone layer are confirmed, hydrogen hype will be quickly doused.

H2 + 03 => H20 + O2


That's definitely a good news for us. For a lot of consumers will surely buy this car since fuel-cell car runs on power generated by oxygen in the air combining with hydrogen stored in a fuel tank. It emits harmless water vapor.

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