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December 26, 2006



The only thing with a future is #5.


If, by "energy independence", Pataki means national energy independence, that would seem to be not any of his state's business.

If a nation has assigned some negative national value to imported energy, then naturally it should impose a national import tariff equal to that value.

If a nation a nation is worried about too-steep a ramp-up in future energy prices, then naturally it should encourage its securities traders to speculate on future energy prices. One way to accomplish the latter might be to reduce security-trading taxes.

david foster

Why on earth would a program like this include subsidies for fueling facilities selling compressed natural gas (#6)? Are these people not aware that natural gas is also subject to shortages, and that such shortages are likely to be much more extreme than oil shortages, given the difficulty of transporting natural gas by sea?


They may be aware of it, but the press and public (which gives them points for coming up with "green" and "energy independence" initiatives) apparently are not.

This is a good subject for letters to newspaper editors.

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You can discover what Steven Carew "has got" by visiting wholesale the website for Rhino Hydro. There are a few "update" items there, dated 2004.

But, the essence of Steve's invention is described under the "technical" menu selection, as follows:

"This electro generating plant employs magnets and springs to help create a perpetual motion which hiphone drives a generator. Thus giving you the electricity you need."

Get the picture, Jason? Hard to imagine Steve can't get funding . . .2945abc45 0422

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