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December 13, 2006



These waste products need to be returned to the soil, not burned. The only economical,eco-friendly source for bio-oil is algae grown in solar collectors.

Agricultural and forestry waste is better left in the soil or digested to make biogas and organic fertilizer. Then the organic fertilizer increases plant growth and cO2 sequestration.

Only a small portion of that organic waste ought to go to biogas digestion though, only enough to balance the carbon/nitrogen ratio in the digestors that will recycle manure, garbage, and human waste into clean energy, clean water, and organic fertilizer.

With the huge added benefit of keeping nitrogen rich runnoff out of wetlands, lakes, rivers, and oceans, where they facilitate the release of huge quantities of methane, a 20 times worse GHG than cO2.


Lets face it, Dynamotive is the real deal and it's poised to become a leader in institutionalizing BioOil as a common commoditiy world-wide. Dynamotive's BioOil is the most practical green fuel around...

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