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December 27, 2006


 Steve Mankin

AlgoDyne, probably through a marketing rep, has engaged in spamming my mailbox. I have attempted to contact the company to request that my name be removed from their solicitations and can not find the proper channel to get this changed. Therefore it raises questions, in my mind, about the ethics of a company who will spam endlessly and not provide a method of contact.

John F.

Hmm. Looking over the ADYN Yahoo! Finance page linked to in this article doesn't exactly inspire a lot of investor confidence in this company. Their main line of business appears to be collecting old clothing and toys from charities for resale. Or perhaps that was simply a shell company that has nothing to do with their business.

A lone 26-year-old holds all executive titles: CEO, CFO, treasurer, accountant, secretary (or is that the shell company again?).

A google search doesn't turn up much more than a report that their stock is being promoted by spam. No discussion of patents that I could find, other than some medical products from an Israeli company with the same name (any relationsip?). No analyst estimates.

$100M market cap for that?

Luigi Aronson

I would be willing to bet there is fraud going on with this company.


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