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December 24, 2006



When will Walmart have auto showrooms with these vehicles in them? Only a matter of time.

Detroit will be a ghost town. The snooze alarm has been ringing on this for years, wake up boardroomies.


The most exciting part of this factory ramp-up announcement is that it may potentially be used to make the XS200.


An NEV does not have the range or speed to get me to work otherwise I'd get one. But I'm already saving my pennies for the following:

XS200 All Electric Vehicle
Powered by breakthrough Chinese Lithium-Ion technology, the Miles XS200 has an anticipated speed of up to 80 miles per hour and a range of 200 miles.
Projected MSRP: $28,500

Harvey D


The XS200 is an improved ZX40 both using a Daihatsu mini-MPV body. This approach may accellerate road-worthy tests. An operational XS200 is supposed to be at Vegas auto-show in February 2007. Sales (in USA via Miles Automotives) should start in late 2007 or early 2008.

ZEEN is using a similar approach on a French mini-MPV body. The first units were very similar (range, speed etc) to the ZX40 with lead acid batteries. Tests with an EEStor power storage unit should start in late January 2007. Performances should be similar to the XS200 but with better energy recouperation + much quicker recharges + a few million cycles capability. All this sound almost too good to be true. Half of EEStor's claims would still be a winner.

Will EVs make a come back in 2007/2008?


Great excuse to hit Vegas baby!

1st maker to the market with a sub $30K ev with the above speed/range gets my payments.

Was on the verge of getting a Myers NMG; but not with these multi-passenger cars for only $5K more.

If I get a raise at work I'd consider the SUT / SUV from Phoenix Motorcars.

Winning the Lotto would = Tesla and Tango.

Brendan Paull

The only problem is that with the amount of coal electricty generation in China (like the USA) the chances are that a electric car actually produces more pollution than the equivalent gasoline powered car.


Almost, but not quite, Brendan, unless the car is made and never driven.

Thanks by the way, for making me look it up.

You make a great argument for solar panels especially while state and federal money is ready to pick up a big chunk of the cost for installation.

After your post I looked around the net and found some good info. Of course you may take the pdf link authored by the ev company with a grain of salt, but I include other less biased sources as well.

According to The Lifecycle analysis of gas, hybrid and electric cars it does show that if you get coal made electricity you are almost as dirty as gasoline fueled transportation during the lifetime of the vehicle (creation to junkyard).

Even if they were both equally as polluting; right now I care a bit more about the USA needing oil from countries that don't like us, oil companies getting huge tax breaks and record profits at the same time prices are hitting record highs, and sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour to and from work while contributing my share of tailpipe pollution.

I won't even get into accidentally invading countries that happen to be sitting on the 4th largest reserves of oil...(Canada, you better watch your step, or we'll blame you for the next terrorist act.)

Happy Holidays!







Tests with an EEStor power storage unit should start in late January 2007.

Harvey, pinch me. I must be dreaming. Are we finally going to get to see one of these in action?

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