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December 14, 2006


Ray Edwards

Everyone concerned about energy must look up what is happening with the "Joe Cell". Unfortunately for those hoping to make money on energy, the Joe Cell trumps everyone. If you hope to profit from energy you had better hurry up, the Joe Cell is free technology that anyone can duplicate at very low cost. It is being duplicated and proven all over Australia. It is a water cell that taps into unknown energy without consuming any material including the water.


"It is a water cell that taps into unknown energy without consuming any material including the water."

That has SCAM! written all over it. Sorry.

Ray Edwards

If it is a scam it is a scam by hundreds of satisfied participants

Jeff Becker

Ray, what evidence do you have of "hundreds of satisfied participants"?

This web page http://www.joecell.com.au/mypage.html
has a report of an independent attempt to build and use one. It fails, just as one would expect.

Do you have a link to a test by a reputable scientist that actually works?

I expect this goofy idea will die, just like all of the "free energy" scams and failures before it.


I expect such ideas to keep going for quite some time.  A gullible, scientifically-illiterate public will keep this notion alive in addition to myths about 200-MPG carburetors and magnet therapy.


Ray, pls. provide link to peer reviewed paper in a scientific journal for this thingy. If I were religious I would have believed you and invested in your thingy. But fortunately, reason demands empirical proof.



Try doing some research. I had not heard of the Joe Cell until this thread.

If I understand correctly, it looks to be a fairly efficient method of extracting hydrogen from water. People seem to be making them and one site is even putting together kits.

There is also another guy who who has modified the design to use plates instead of tubes and it produces enough hydrogen to run his car and an electric generator continuously. It seems to be legit.

Now for the unbelievable part. There are what I call "fringe" believers who report stranger things: Implosion rather than explosion properties in a combustion engine. Other strange stuff too. They have videos.

You have to judge for yourself of course. And I would also put on your best "skeptic" hat. But after reading about it and giving it some serious thought, I do believe there's some amount of truth to it.


Anything that taps into unknown energy should produce a Nobel prize for its discoverers.  When it happens, call me.

Ray Edwards

I have purchased the "Experimenter's guide to the Joe Cell" by Alex Schiffer. A little over $50.00 what with shipping and handling.
I have also bought some stainless steel tubing and other paraphenalia comprising the raw materials for the construction of a Joe cell. A machinist friend and I are going to build one. I will then report my progress.
Greg, I honor your skepticism but caution you that very few skeptics are willing to risk anything beyond words.
I have spent many hours reading accounts and watching videos of successful experimenters of "Joe Cells". I am a mechanical engineer and I understand the first, second and third laws of thermodynamics but I also believe something at work here beyond my many years of study. I am 80 years old and not yet senile. I believe I can still be taught if I am patient and restrain my judgment for a while.

Fred Boyle

This guy has blown the lid off the Joe Cell scam! He steps thru the BNE's own video demolishing the false claims and identifies possible methods he uses to falsify his results.

see joecell.freeblogit.com

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