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November 30, 2006



I'm still skeptical that GM will walk the walk, but they're throwing out actual years when stuff will happen and it's soon by automotive standards. Kudos to some risk taking from one of the Big 3.



While I applaud them for at least talking about hybrids, how about getting realistic with the rest of the vehicle. A 3.6L V6 ? How about replacing that with a diesel running at constant speed (minimum emissions and max efficiency) ?

Thus far hybrids are just power assist devices to make the already powerful SUVs go faster. They are only paying lip service to fuel economy.


Traditional automakers are still in denial and hoping EV goes away. However, it is not going away and the lead in this disruptive technology will come from outside the industry. In the meantime, spending time complaining and lobbying the federal government will only accelerate their demise. Companies like Tesla will lead the way and be the Southwest Airlines or Nucor Steel of the auto industry. No new technology is required, only improvements in current technologies INCLUDING battery and/or energy storage systems.

Maybe the GM ostriches will take a page from the music and suit their customers.

In 2010,there will be close to a million
EV's in fleets and in niche consumer markets
and the spoils will be reaped by new victors

Mike Tieman

A very interesting new technolgy is available. www.omnivalves.com says their new omnivalves intall in any 4 stroke engine and make it into a hybrid? How, well they say that the 4 stroke motor will generate torque at a very low RPM like 200 RPM and that is much lower then a hybrid. Worth a look I think, www.omnvalves.com

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