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November 20, 2006


Stephen Boulet

"The vehicle’s 35k/Wh..."

Perfect example of why PR people need to pass their press releases by an engineer first.

How's that for a Monday morning curmudgeon?

But, a 35 kWh battery that recharges in 10 minutes is a really great advance. When will I be able to get this in a plug-in hybrid near me? ;)



Hey Stephen,

RE:"When will I be able to get this in a plug-in hybrid near me?"

First off... this is not a PHEV. This vehicle by Phoenix is a pure EV. If you live in Cali you'll be able to get one in the first quarter of next year. The 35kWh is the small battery. Altair also provides a 70kWh battery designed for their SUV which will give it a traveling distance of about 230 or so miles on one charge. I'm not sure if the 70Wh battery is available for their SUT. The 75er can also recharge in about 10 minutes. I'm not sure when the SUV will roll off the line but it is expected to be sometime next year also.


Sounds great. Any idea if these components will be available separately - ie for people doing EV conversions?

Stephen Boulet

Hi Jimmi. I was not claiming that it was, but that this battery might be a good candidate for use in a PHEV, in addition to its use to power an electric vehicle.

Looking at the fact sheet at Cal Cars (http://www.calcars.org/conversions-factsheet.pdfhttp://www.calcars.org/conversions-factsheet.pdf), they project being able to double the normal mileage for a Prius in mixed mode driving for up to 55 miles of travel with a 9 kWh battery. A 35 kWh battery, I was speculating, might do better yet, and let you go farther in electric only mode.



Hey Stephen,

Ohhh OK... I see now. Didn't mean to seem crass. I could only hope Altair went the route of the PHEV. This technology combined with a fuel cell/microturbine seems a very viable route. Seems the president of Altair wants to skip over the PHEV and HEV market as me mentioned in that Senate committee hearing earlier this year and wants to go the PEV route. I do see the validity of going after fleet EV vehicles. Much easier to get 1 person to buy 1,000 cars than 1,000 people to buy 1 car.

But that is just one joint venture Altair has with their battery technology. I'm still waiting for a product to come out with their joint agreement with Alcoa. I'm afraid that project might get shelved since Alcoa just recently announced their joint venture with Maxell Technologies to start researching ultra capacitors. The also have a joint agreement with Electro Energy Inc to come up with a high density li-ion battery incorperating Altair's nano materials and Electro's bi-polar wafer cell design. Not to forget the ABAT agreement I just wrote about in "Toyota: PLug-in vehicles to be Marketable Within Five Years."

I would expect big changes in the auto industry within the next 5 years. Technology is finally making it easier to get off our oil dependancy. So to answer your question Stephen... hopefully we'll be able to get these batteries from our retailers within 2-5 years... I hope.

Hey TimH,

I searched UQM's web and couldn't find anything concerning component sales.

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