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November 16, 2006



Cool!solar mobile phone charger

Rina Friedman

SOLAR ENERGY – I DID IT ALL ALON AND SUCCSEDED! This is my personal experience and I want to share it with you all

In times of unstable financial situation, a wind turbine and a solar panel can help us save money on energy consumption and also keep the environment pollution free.
We can actually save up to 80% of the energy consumption.
This free energy can be easily generated from natural resources. There is no need to invest on any other commercially made home power generator – you have the option to actually build one yourself.
Fewer units are needed to transform these resources to free energy.
To create a solar and wind turbine at home you can use junk or parts that are readily available in local stores. As we have the ability to generate free energy from natural resources, so why pay the electric company for energy consumption? Learn to build a homemade power generator, such as solar panels and wind turbines on a tight budget by following the instructions that shows you how to do that with detailed, step by step.
You shouldn't depend entirely on the information downloaded for free on Internet, because if you make one mistake - the whole project may be ruined. I used a great guide and it was easy – now I have panels on my roof and free electricity!!
I suggest you follow the instructions carefully as they are written by professional ecologists, who guide you with certainty.
The program includes simple step-by-step instructions guide, all of which can be easily followed by anyone.
The kit contains the procedure to find all the necessary parts and put them together. All this can be done for less than $ 200 rather than trade is one that cost less than $ 1000
Go to my web site and read what I have to say:

lcd mounting bracket

mproved panel efficiency was obtained through a combination of enhanced cell architecture and improved packing density.

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