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November 14, 2006


karl  (Sun Cleaned Water Saves Electricity)

As kids maybe we burned ants with coke bottles- but this week this company continues to Rock. This is the only press release I've ever seen that doesn't overwhelm me with hype. It seems to be overly modest.


I had meant to paste in Walmarts claims about positive consequences to selling one CFC per customer modified under the following rule of thumb.

If instead they sell one three pack instead of one LED just multiply the numbers they give by two, and put them in the negative,not positive, contribution column.

So instead of that exercise here's something positive. HOpefully......


The original Walmart effort was and still is as linked here dated from 2001. Back then an ethical writer could of been involved. But not since LED's left the fractional watt only arena. Now a five watt LED does generate more usable light then any cheap CFC and costs so little that the savings is much more, many times more then the entire cost in difference so for future prices of LED's to be low enough to justify waiting, obviously, they would have to pay you- which isn't out of the question but don't count on it..... Rather don't expect walmart to take the dead bulbs back for free (one multipack we bought had one dud in it! the onlyh multipack in fact we bought.. . although we did enjoy years ago some bought at target, even though we didn't get the rebate and let an off shore tax shelter lord keep 'em knowing it would just be another victim of his that would get some benefit from them at least. I spent so much time trying to retrofit a tall lamp to produce as much light as if halogen back then only to find out that much less was plenty from the owner I was trying to please. The cost of makling a 100 watt bulb is not much mor then a 40, 25 etc. watt bulb. That's why most people waste so much buying the brighter bulbs, because they think they are worth more, instead of less.

I can't imagine what percentage of walmart customers who care enough to buy these bulbs could have a use even for more then one of them. WHen I paid fortunes for them I did so because of there use characteristics and the ethics of the time- it was wiin win. Now I buy hand painted flowerying halogen fixtures with 10 buck bulb for $5 and aspire to someday enjoy a painting lit up while it's being looked at by the artful amazingly complicated track armed thing of beauty.

WHen I paid $20 bucks I knew they should cost maybe a buck plus the cost of the circuitry. Back then you could buy the bulb seperately. Sine then of course hte seperate bulbs that used to cost almost $20 if not mor then that have been clearancced for a quarter and I have a collection. Fact is they are beter. Making the bulb smaller is not an improvement fo rmost buyers. Yet you can't find the larger bulbs, bulbs with dimmamble, or fthree way seggregation, at walmart. Yet for the price the extra cost is negligible. So customers at the very least run them at full blast as nightlights for example. ANd limelights that deny utitlities all profits get donated to thrift- I just bought about a hundred bucks of them in a bag for I think two bucks. Hopefully enough of us will question Uncle Sam because Sam the Wal Hustling Marter is sstill acting like this millenia was born months ago. It's more then half a decade later! Texas but for DC would be executing kids still in diapers back then! The coffee is all that's left ini th cup! The water evaporated before the first christmass had arrived! The only thing that smells is the mercury from the bulb you just dropped when it wouldn't light up.

Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Trading Symbol: OTCBB:OEGY
Open Energy Completes SunCone CSP Engineering Design

Company expects to issue RFQ's for first commercial unit in March of 2007

SOLANA BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 7, 2007 -- Open Energy Corp. (OTC BB: OEGY) announced today it has completed the engineering drawings and performance criteria for a commercially viable SunCone concentrating solar desalination system. This initial design is primarily geared toward decontamination of drinking water in remote, off-grid locations. The engineering team anticipates that it will be coupled with off-the-shelf membrane filtration or multi-stage flash distillation hardware, depending upon the specific water input sources to be treated. This same design can be used to supplant conventional thermal power system applications, such as pre-heating steam for turbine electricity.

CEO David Saltman commented, "While Open Energy's primary efforts to date have focused on photovoltaic building products, SunCone CSP will add breadth and diversity to our technology portfolio. The potential applications of this invention are remarkable, from water desalination to supplying process heat for power generation. However, based upon our mission of harnessing the sun to help meet the resource demands of sustainable 21st Century development, we have made a strategic decision to focus on purification. With thousands of people dying of water borne pathogens each day, the social impacts as well as economic benefits compel us to make a meaningful contribution to solving this critical issue."

The functionality of the SunCone CSP system requires few basic components: the SunCone reflector, a solar tracking devise, a target that absorbs the incident radiation and conducts it into a heat transfer fluid (HTF), and application specific hardware to interface with a particular water purification system. Open Energy plans to utilize outside manufacturing entities for the various components, then package systems for distribution.

Through extensive computer modeling and re-engineering, the Company has developed numerous improvements to the first prototype, which utilized aluminized Mylar film suspended in tension to create the SunCone collector. The current design incorporates a more durable hard shell structure, one which the team believes can withstand higher wind forces and will be less expensive to manufacture, install and service.

With these improvements and the Company's own patent filings, Open Energy will no longer be required to pay a royalty fee going forward to Dr. Pruitt, and will accrue significant potential savings over the life of the product. Based on this decision, as of quarter ended November 30, 2006, the Company has written off the carrying value pertaining to this license agreement. Dr. Pruitt remains a senior scientific advisor to the company, and his ray tracing programs have been utilized to determine the optimum geometries of the new cone design.

About Open Energy
Open Energy Corporation (OTCBB: OEGY) focuses on the development and commercialization of renewable energy products and technologies for a wide range of applications including electrical and thermal power production and water desalination. The Company pursues these objectives through technology innovation, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and other business strategies. The company’s mission is to enhance life by harnessing the power of the sun. For more information please visit our website www.openenergycorp.com.

Safe Harbor for Forward Looking Statements
Except for statements of historical fact, the information presented herein constitutes forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include general economic and business conditions, customer demand for its products, the Company’s ability to scale up manufacturing to meet demand, the Company's competitive position and other factors over which Open Energy Corporation has little or no control.

Integrated Corporate Relations
James McCusker (Media)
[email protected]

John Mills (Investor Relations)
[email protected]

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