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November 28, 2006



"if hydrogen is needed at all for cars, is to use it as a replacement for the ICE in a plug-in vehicle."

I agree, that way a very small hydrogen storage tank could extend the range of the plugin far enough to compete with iCE utility.

There is still the problem with fueling though. Maybe a zinc hydide slurry or power could be used as a low pressure storage media/fuel that would be replaced in a fuel tank?

The zinc media vacuumed out and the zinc hydride blown into the fuel tank? This raises the interesting idea of a simple zinc air battery instead of the hydrogen fuel cell though.

Why not vacuum zinc oxide out and put pure zinc back in? And just forget about the hydrogen.

I think liquid fuel in a solid oxide fuel cell/microturbine generator beats this techology too though, at least for now. We already have the liquid fuel distribution system that could be shifted over to biodiesel from algae.

And with serial plugin hybrids that have a 50 mile plugin range, the average mileage would be 10 times our present vehicles (most trips between recharging possibilities are under 50 miles).

In which case the solar collector algae systems could replace oil products as our primary liquid fuel. I recently found an estimate of solar collector space in San Diego county that verifies this.


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