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November 10, 2006



I had always thought (rightly or wrongly) that low rank coal was also high in sulfur. If that's not the case, they're working with high-water, low-sulfur coal that would limit their supply of input materials. Good luck to 'em!



And the world gets hotter & hotter. & vast amounts of methane start to seep from the melting tundra.

And earthquakes begin to shake apart Greenland.

When you realize you've dug yourself into a hole, its time to stop digging!


I think this was in The Onion.


Silverado is a perfect example of the worst of the worst when it comes to mining. It has a classic scam artist CEO that has been using this POS for his inflated living much the same way a pimp uses his whores. All you can wait for now is the inevitable reverse split to alllow him a few more years of free loading off his shareholders. Anybody who touches this stock has mush for brains and will deserve his ultimate loss. It is one thing to get scammed before public knowledge is out but now you can rename yourself a lemming for getting involved. The entire company is laughable. Welcome to the used car lot!


As indicated in its federal funding application, Silverado estimated the total cost of its project to be only $23,961,760, the estimated Department of Energy share to be $9,718,366 and Silverado’s estimated share to be $14,243,394. Prior to the recent announcement, WND asked Joann Zysk, an Acquisition and Assistance Division contract specialist with the National Energy Technology Laboratory, whether Silverado was indeed a “top contender” for the federal funding, as its public statements have indicated.

Zysk said that she had already been made aware of the information and added, “What they’re [Silverado] putting out there is very misleading.”

Asked to comment on the “partners” that denied the relationship Silverado claimed, Anselmo told WND: “They’ll deny it. They’ll deny being part of it, they’ve turned us down on a number of occasions.”

Asked why would they want to deny it, Anselmo answered, “Oh, the politics have been unbelievable,” citing “a lot of jealousies” and stating that “the administration [of the University if Alaska] have [sic] been working with us,” adding that “one of our directors in fact on board of university [is] … Ed Armstrong.”

Anselmo added, “Be careful how you cast things, we’re almost there, let the grant fall. … The University will be good buddies and be wanting to join us.”

Anselmo later called WND to retract the comment identifying Armstrong as a university board member.

Prior to publication of this report, Anselmo called WND and said, regarding the patent information: “I asked you not to go into this,” and warned this reporter repeatedly to “be careful,” adding that the project was “a big political machine,” adding “you don’t want to be posting that information,” and to “let this [the awarding of $9.7 million in federal funding] happen.”

In vague, rambling comments, he tried to persuade WND to not divulge its findings regarding the patent issue, because “they [the EERC] applied for the patent under fraudulent data.” In response, Dr. Michael Jones of the EERC told WND, “We stand by our patent.”


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