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November 24, 2006



This is an impressive development, and I say that as a person who once spent time breathing in the vicinity of a coking plant. They are vile. While I wouldn't call 16 mm a "particle", I don't see what the big deal is about the fines. They can be burned for energy, can't they?


Wind electric powered steel production uses no coal. A much better technique from an environmental and economic point of view.

When the wind is blowing hard the steel plant runs, when it slows the plant idles. That helps match supply and demand without energy storage.

Similar design of all metal, glass, and other energy intensive production would greatly reduce greenhouse gases and make uS manufacturing competitive again.


drx, how do you reduce the iron oxide to iron without carbon as the reducing agent? Use something else, like hydrogen?


That's right George, my mistake, smelting still takes a carbon source. By using electric power for the heating a lot less coal would be needed.

Only an amount that would facilitate the reduction rather than the much larger amount that would be needed to melt the ore and scrap iron.


Cool!China electric iron

Bill Tian

We have supplied the refractories to plant with Corex process such as Baosteel of 1.5MTPA and Posco/Korea through Chosun Refractory Company. Does someone want to import the materials that used in Corex Unit?

Jaimin Patel

As i am working in the Corex Plant at Essar Steel. I want to know something more about Corex Plant. I mean Process of Steel Making In Corex Plant...


COREX sucks - coke charge is still as high as 10-15% and huge amount of coal fine to be dealed with. overall operating cost is higher than blast furnace. the hot metal quality ???


i am reading the corex proces of steel makiing.learned about thge usage of corex gas in steam generators.
please inform me the ignition temperasture of corex gas used in boilers of thermal plants.
thanking you

R S Karmarkar

Which is the proces wherein any size of iron ore and coal can be the inout material?
Use of hydrogen as reductant would solve most of the polution problems. Is there such a process for iron manufacturing?

Ahmed shah

I am ahmed shah in Corex Department of Essar steel hazira limited.
I want to know that C-3000, has adopted the gimble technology for charging. so, is there any effect on any process . does it smoothening the process , is there advantage by applying this gimble design.


About corex and latest developments
COREX( Coal reduction process) is an smelting reduction process.For liquid iron production
In which There are two parts.
1. Reduction shaft
2. Melter gasifier

1. Reduction shaft: As the name indicates the materials which are charged like Iron ore pellets or lumps and some amount of coke and other additives are reduced in this shaft which takes about five to six hrs depend upon operating conditions.the final products of reduction shaft is hot DRI and other additives which is directly charged into melter gasifier through screw conveyor from a closed chamber which prevents it from further oxidation.

2. Melter gasifier : In melter gasifier along with hot DRI coal and some amount of coke and quartzite is added. here from the name here melting of hot dri, formation of slag as well as gas formation takes place ( which is rich in CO) .her the total time taken is near about three hrs.

The main advantage of corex process is that it uses non coking coal as a fuel, provides very rich gas after process( calorific value : 1600-1850 kcal) and the environment friendly becuse in blast furnace process we require coke while making coke enormous amount of toxic gases are generted here we eliminate coking process.

But now a days a new technology came known as finex technology came which directly uses iron ore fines and coal fines for producing hot metal.Presently only it is running in posco- pohang works which is in korea( a 1.5 million ton). and posco is planning to implent this technology in India project ( orissa-paradip) which overcomes the swapping of iron ores. Definately this process is helpful in future iron production in economical and large scale.for more information mail me on


from the information i search, there is no way to has 100% coal. the information i get didn't give any explaination on it. it only mention a few coke is added to the coal for melther gasfier. so, can you explain why is needed some coke into coal??
and, by adding this coke, the corex process still environmental friendly???why??
hydrogen is a great reduction agent, at here, why it cannot be used for as a main heat supply?? before that,i want to sure that, is it oxidize the hydrogen gas is exorthermic reaction that similar to combustion of carbon and oxygen??

oilfield equipment

this is so good to see.

Sandeep Kumar Baliarsingh

Can u give me advantages of COREX over DRI Process ?

Thank YOU.

Ahmed shah

Regarding ans of question of leave that why is needed some coke into coal??
and, by adding this coke, the corex process still environmental friendly???why??
hydrogen is a great reduction agent, at here, why it cannot be used for as a main heat supply??

Ans .. The answer is that here we are adding coke because in melter gasifier as well as in reduction shaft we require permeability .
And about hydrogen yes hydrogen is thrice times more effective gas as compared to CO in low temperature in the same side the reaction of hydrogen makes the reaction endothermic.

As question concerned by oilfield equipment.Can u give me advantages of COREX over DRI Process ?

Ans . That in corex process we are producing DRI in reduction shaft at 850 degree centigrade and after we are smelting that DRI in melter gasifier to Get liquid hot metal just like in Blast furnace. So, there is no question regardingadvantages of corex over dri process.

mohamed abd elgalil

does any one know about refractory material used in corex melter gasifier ????????

Ahmed shah

As question by mohamed abd elgalil
Que. does any one know about refractory material used in corex melter gasifier ????????
Ans . The ans is that it has in reduction shaft simply alumina based bricks whereas in melter gasifier at dome portion there is alumina gunniting at side alumina and silica based bricks
and in hearth same as like blast furnace graphite and carbon blocks

For more information you have to contact seimens-VAi who is the technological supplier of that


Can you suggest sourcing of burner for the combination of COREX gas and coal .

buy wholesale

I am ahmed shah in Corex Department of Essar steel hazira limited.
I want to know that C-3000,

Chris  Skinner

Amazingdrx stated that:

"Wind electric powered steel production...."

And also:

"Similar design of all metal, glass and other energy intensive production...."

Just one question: How do you have energy intensive industrial production with low energy intensive wind? It would require so many windplants covering the whole world as to be prohibitively expensive to build them all. Not to even mention the eyesore. Energy intensive nuclear power or geothermal hydrogen for steel production would be far more practical.

Chris  Skinner

In fact, that many windmills and windtowers would consume an incredible quantity of steel just to construct them all.


what is the capital investment cost per ton of hot metal produced through corex module and how does it compare with BF process?
of built units or generally for budgetory estimation purposes.


what is the unit of measurement of corex gas? Is it knm3 as i have seen it in a CEA document or something else? And can this knm3 be converted to KL or MT?thnx.

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