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November 15, 2006



They wave their magic wand, redefine oil and presto the world has 3 times more oil than ever before. See folks no peak oil here...move along now.

If only life were so grand. This CERA group reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, saying don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. I would rather live in CERA's world than the one I'm stuck in, unfortunately thinking happy thoughts doesn't stop the rain.


All you need to know about peak oil?

It's a pump and dump trading scheme that just keeps on shucking suckers for the insiders trading oil futures. And US voters,taxpayers, and consumers.

Just delete it.



I don't understand you. Peak oil is gonna destroy our economy within 20 years, more likely within 10.

Do you somehow think oil is an infinite resource?


That's what they would have you believe disdaniel.

I'm not buying into it. I see insider manipulation of oil reserve figures as the one constant in relation to this topic.

The same guys who own and trade the oil hire the "experts" to pontificate upon it.

I see oil warring, oil related corruption of goverenance, and global climate disaster as the real limits to oil use, not availability.


Here's my alternative plan to oily multinational corporatism ruling/ruining planet earth.

Our present energy policy is destroying not only the world economy, right now. But also the human friendly nature of earth itself.

richard shepherd

That undulating plateau evokes a pastoral image of sunlit uplands in an energy paradise of abundance. In fact, the comfortable CERA concept of an undulating plateau simply reflects an unknown landscape where prices and supply might rise or fall sometime soon, but we do not need to worry. In fact, energy supply is more about money than resource potential. Failure to invest in new capacity in the last decade has engineered a guaranteed high price mountgain ahead, not a plateau, because when demand overtakes capacity, as is likely within the next few years, we will find ourselves at the edge of a precipice, not a gentle slope, where shortages create crisis. Energy resource potential is practically unlimited, but potential does not turn the windmill or prime the pump. The energy industry has achieved a revolution in value at the risk of economic and strategic chaos because it takes decades to transform potential into real sustainable capacity. Both Wall Street and OPEC know that and have taken us to the brink and denied society an energy continuum that is technically possible but which has been left too late to implement without a crisis along the way. Undulating plateau does not describe the energy landscape ahead.

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