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November 27, 2006



i think PVC windows is really green windows,i bought PVC

windows from a Chinese factory which made PVC windows about 20 years and

exported to many countries, my many friends are satisfy with PVC

windows, i think it have this features:
(1) Keep warming
(2) Sound insulation
(3) not easy aging
(4) Good fireproofing
(5) Resist Impact
(6) Excellent watertightness and artightness
(7) Weight light, easy instalation.

I introduce this factory to you, their website

is:www.globalpvc.com/pvcwindows.htm, there you can get more

information about PVC windows.


If you have looked into solar energy as a method for heating your home, panels are usually the first things that come up. There are, however, other unique methods.

The Solar Heating Aspect You Have Never Heard of Before

The power of the sun is immense. The energy in one day of sunlight is more than the world needs. The problem, of course, is how does one harness this power. Solar panels represent the obvious solution, but they have their downside. First, they can be expensive depending upon your energy needs. Second, they do not exactly blend in with the rest of your home.

Passive solar heating represents a panel free method of harnessing the inherent energy found in the sun for heating purposes. If you come out from a store and open the door of your car in the summer, you understand the concept of passive solar heating. A wide variety of material absorbs sunlight and radiates the energy back into the air in the form of heat. Passive solar heating for a home works the same way as the process which overheats your car in the parking lot.

Zach Orbist

I made my house from natural materials.
Bricks and wood.
The isolation is with the best stonewool there is. The windows NOT from pvc.

Duncan Munday

The power of solar power is underestimated. It is possible to make some small changes to the way you live that will save alot of energy. May I suggest using solar powered garden lights. They are very energy efficient and because they come in such a wide range of designs and styles, they can also bring something special to your exterior. Start helping the environment by making some small adaptations to how you live.


COUNTDOWN TO PUBLICITY!!! Sometimes a great notion must be kept secret.. until it is patented. In the coming weeks we will have a major announcement to make about a composite structure that will increase the strength and utility and value of honeycomb sandwich composites and making it possible to use them in places they have never been used before. They will have longer operational lifetimes if they are used to replace already existing honeycomb panels. This simple multi-billion dollar concept will undoubtedly lower energy costs in the transportation sector and enable aircraft to fly faster and quieter.

Neil Farbstein
Vulvox Inc.
[email protected]

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Building Equipment

I think that SageGlass, Windows that can be Electronically Switched from Clear to Tinted is a very good idea as far as building equipment is concerned. It can really be energy efficient.

Bucket Trucks

It is great that people are thinking about the environment and working to make the world a safer place. Not only the materials that you are using on your home are safe for the environment but dump trucks have come a long way since the earlier models. We are learning and expanding and coming up with a wide range of safer more effective vehicles for the work force. I think it is great that many auto manufacturers are turning to hybrid vehicles to protect the environment and now they are even using hybrid dump trucks.

Roger Plans

I would like to spend a few words on green buildings as I feel it's very important to understand this:

A sustainable building, or green building is an outcome of a design which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use — energy, water, and materials — while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal.

Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:

* Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
* Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
* Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

A similar concept is natural building, which is usually on a smaller scale and tends to focus on the use of natural materials that are available locally.

Other commonly used terms include sustainable design and green architecture.

The related concepts of sustainable development and sustainability are integral to green building. Effective green building can lead to:

1) reduced operating costs by increasing productivity and using less energy and water,

2) improved public and occupant health due to improved indoor air quality, and

3) reduced environmental impacts by, for example, lessening storm water runoff and the heat island effect.

Practitioners of green building often seek to achieve not only ecological but aesthetic harmony between a structure and its surrounding natural and built environment, although the appearance and style of sustainable buildings is not necessarily distinguishable from their less sustainable counterparts.

Account Deleted

Bureau of Energy Efficiency , India is organizing a half day under NATIONAL Energy Conservation in Buildings (ECBC) AWARENESS PROGRAMME

to spread awareness among architects, builders/developers and Facade consultants on 10th July 2009 at Hotel Ramada Plaza, 19, Ashoka Rd, New Delhi,New Delhi Ph – 09811709609

Participation to this workshop is free. Please confirm your participation on following e-mail addresses:

[email protected] , [email protected]

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Retractable Awnings

To protect your window from rain and direct sunlight(which is sometimes not good for the glass) we should use the awnings. There are a lot of them available in the market these days.

Business Process Modelling Training,Australia

Solar panels represent the obvious solution, but they have their downside...............

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And thorium also scores better on the commercially viable index.


I find it hard to tell what is green and what type of window is really low impact. I do like the sound of these electronically tintable windows.


Free Standing Awning

Thanks for this insight - I always look for these kind of windows for my meeting rooms. Free standing awnings can change too, watch here: Free Standing Awning

bucket trucks

I think this is a great idea for skyscrapers and other large tall buildings. Small home owners can even find relief from the heat by using this method.

Truck Rental

Wow. This place is extremely beautiful. I wish I will go this place in my coming holidays. In fact, this is really great idea for skyscrapers.

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fire curtains

That is totally awesome. It's like a Christmas light that changes color every now and then. It seems very appealing to people whenever they witness one.

Roman Balick

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MOT Type 1 Limestone

I saw something very similar on Grand Designs. The glass could become clear or frosted by appying an electrical charge to a gas in between two electrical plates simply by the flick of aq switch. Not much good in a powercut.

Lola Taylor

Anytime you are planning a new construction project, you want to make sure you have the all of your building materials. But not only that you have all of the building materials
you need, they must be good quality materials. So many times you hear of things falling apart because of the lack of stability. One way to avoid that is to check in to Builderspace for your materials and see what tips or materials they have that may be helpful to you.


I think this switch can help us to save energy. This material can also cover us from UV light. It is also lessen the load of skyscrapers.Go green!

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