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November 29, 2006



I wonder if AMSC is planning superconductor storage for longer time periods as wind power becomes a larger percentage of grid generation?

How much cost per kwh would this add or would the cost be less because more fossil and nuclear power would be replaced?

Anyone from AMSC out there reading this blog? Hello?

Himanshu Pandya


Do you know when the company is expected to be profitable? Will the purchase shorten the expected time? I like the wind energy industry and have been looking for a wind energy stock but there aren't a lot of choices and GE is obviously not a pure play. I am not so sure about Zoltek (ZOLT). I am going to keep an eye on AMSC though.


Bill Young


Using superconductivity to store electricity is normally called SMES (Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage).

It is not cheap but it is a good match for an intermittent power source. It tends to be tolerant of high charge and discharge rates. The energy is actually stored in the magnetic field of a huge solenoid.

I worked briefly on a SMES unit. The original customer was a large remote city
which is not grid interconnected. The SMES was supposed to carry power for 1/2 the city for 30 seconds in case of primary power disruption. The program was cancelled and the unit was never completed.

Power conditioning, as mentioned in the article, was a serious part of the project.


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The Wind Turbine system is in great use where there is lack of electricity. In Holland these Turbines are widely used. In the developing and under developed countries, it has the best use in the absence of electricity.

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