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October 28, 2006


JP Elverding - the Netherlands

You might want to look at the VW FSI engines; 1600 cc to blast a V8 to smittereens, both in power and performance as in fuel efficiency

Sorry it's in German but I'm sure you'll be able to read the numbers!


I don't like the slant of this article being that it could replace or eliminate the need to go hybrid. Take the information from the new Altair article and integrate it here - what kind of gas mileage could you get with a plug in hybrid using this new engine and Altair's new batteries? The new batteries would replace the current NiMH batteries and capture far more regenerative breaking energy. If you install a mere 15 kWh of batteries you get approximately 75 miles of electric only range @ 200 Wh per mile. As a commuter car it can recharge in short measure and do all your local driving on all electric. As a distance car the new gas engine gives you range without needed electric recharging stations, and does so more effciently. Win win win. To me, it's either plug in hybrid or full electric.

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Sounds like a good technology!

Engine Additive

This was very interested and informative. However, you neglected to mention Autodesk's products (Inventor, AutoCAD, Showcase), which seems to be an oversight. Also, at Autodesk University I recently heard of a new 3D holographic technology that could be used in place of 3D printing. Not sure if it has a place in this article but thought I would mention it. Overall a very nice and effective job.


I think all diesel engines will be replace by the gasoline engine in coming years.

crown vic engine

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We weren't sure what to expect, but I have to say that we loved it! The movie is bright, colorful and FUN! The animation is surprisingly good, and the voice acting top-notch. Usually, movies for younger kids can drag, but this one moved along at a perfect pace, keeping all the kids in the audience enthralled. And I was pleasantly surprised at how FUNNY it was, keeping the adults entertained, too. The filmmakers really did a nice job of making sure all ages can enjoy this.

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