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October 22, 2006



I am hopeful PV will revolutionize the electric power industry as Bradford says it will, but I don't think it can happen before revolutions occur elsewhere: in PV technology and manufacturing, ... as well as energy policies that internalize the value of clean air, a stable climate and a demilitarized energy economy.

Ronald Brak

I see signs that photovoltaic power is becoming more popular. Here solar powered streetlights sometimes get installed simply because it is cheaper than paying for a connection to grid power. I hope the author of the book is right that solar power will become cheap enough to directly compete with more traditional forms of power and I see evidence that it soon will be cheaper than the end user cost of electricity in many areas with plenty of sunshine.

One of the things I see holding back solar power is dust and soot produced by burning fossil fuels reducing its efficiency, which is kind of ironic. (Of course naturally occuring dust also has this effect.)

Manu Sharma

At the recently concluded Solar Power conference, VC Vinod Khosla echoed the same thoughts:

(link leads to Khosla's interview video)

All videos from Solar Power conference:

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