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October 20, 2006



Zinc/air technology has high energy density and is cheap too. The rechargeable versions for cars have been hindered by complex, energy consuming pumping systems to turn the dissolved zinc oxide back into zinc to recharge.

Given a zinc pellet/electrolyte slurry fueling system, zinc/air electric cars could refuel much like a conventional car at the gas pump. Except that the used electrolyte/zinc oxide solution would have to be drained for recharging at the refueling station.

This electrode device may put zinc/air out in front of even quick charge lithium ion on cost and weight. And refueling speed? well maybe 5 minutes for a full tank of zinc pellet/electrolyte slurry and to simultaneously drain the used electrolyte solution.

Now how much would a zinc/air "gas pump" that could be installed at filling stations, homes, shopping centers, or workplaces cost? With credit/debit card payment these refueling pumps could be installed anywhere or of course free of charge refueling stations at home.

Greg Woulf

The way I understand it Zinc-Air batteries aren't rechargable, or aren't easily rechargable.

I wonder how good they compare to Lith-ion as far as power density, and energy density. If they were better in everything but recharging, I wonder if this technology wouldn't be prime for the battery swapping, that I don't think will work in the Lith-ion business.

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