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October 23, 2006



The separate coal gasification is not really necessary given the latest multi-fuel SOFC development. As usual the very best, very inovative,smallest players are rejected for benificient government largesse.

Will the fuel cell part of this project wither and the gasification part flourish with corporate/political influence peddling? That is my guess.

But at least SOFC/turbine systems are getting a front seat here for awhile. The ignorance of industry lobbyists (and their energy corporation board-roomies)of the better technology creeping up on them, might just be their undoing.

Mark C R (aka MCR)

Remember my previous comments with regard to Ceres Power. AND SOFCS generally...

"I recently made some suggestions on developments in SOFCs to someone also interested in them.

The key point is the relatively cheap components compared to other FCs. But the operating temperatures still need bringing down...

The trick is to discover further CATALYSIS PROMOTIONAL EFFECTS or "better"(?) CATALYSIS in this reaction system."

These developments will bring down operating temperatures (for microgenerators) or increase "process intensification" for larger tandem-generators...


You are right about the temperature needing to come down, otherwise it wont work

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