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October 18, 2006



Seems to me that Firefly and Atraverda should get toegether and an Atraverda battery with a Firefly carbon-grahpite foam lead acid battery for even better weight/performance/w/kh.

Harvey D.

Many Chinese manufacturers could combine both technologies and produce light weight, very low cost batteries (less than $1000 for 20 KWh) for practical low cost PHEVs and BEVs.

Imagine using Chinese made cars and you get a compact PHEV or BEV for less than $10 000, batteries included.

Even if you have to raplace the $1000 baterry pack every 4 or 5 years, it is still a good deal.

kent beuchert

These batteries weigh a ton and would be
a poor choice in all but the smallest auto hybrid battery packs, and only if the cost is very low. An electric car using these to achieve a 200 mile range would have a 2500 pound battery pack. It would double the weight of the car.

Swamiprasad Samant

We are very much intrested in the glass filled seperators. Could you please recommend us the best manufacturers of the same.
Thanks & Best Regards

Christopher Carey

I have just been made redundant from Universal batteries and prior to that was at Fiamm uk ltd and Enersys, I was wondering if you would let me know of any shop floor positions become available my home address is 12 waunborfa road Cefn fforest blackwood gwent np12 3la tel 01443821745 I am available for immediate start, regards Christopher carey

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