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September 11, 2006



10 of these for 7k would power a home. Why can't one find a 4000 watt unit for 4k to do this? It would seem to be possible with mass production. One large unit versus 10 small ones. Three times the 400 watt unit's diameter is only a 12 foot blade.

With a few thousand more for installation and connection to the grid, maybe 8k installed for a whole home wind system might be possible, site dependent of course.

The otherpower.com crews build this size themselves at a very reasonable cost.

It is good to see a reputable supplier like Northern Tool get into this business. Now how about an otherpower type designed american made 12 foot model for 4k from Northern Tool? They would sell like hotcakes.


Note: "Tower Kit Sold Separately" and in the case of the 400W machine is almost as much as the turbine itself: $649

Stephen Boulet

Nice post, but it has some unit issues. You wrote (or quoted):

# Delivers 100 kW per month (3.4 kW per day) in a 12 MPH average wind

You probably mean 100 kW-h per month and 3.4 kW-h per day, as watts measure the rate of energy, not the quantity.


James Wachai

This is good news. Such initiatives should be encouraged. This blog and such organizations as Consumer Alliance for Energy Security must be commended for their campaign for energy independence.


Nice blog...Recently my friend visited Northern Tool store through Couponalbum.com and he received free shipping on buying Sunforce wind generator....!

don bartell

Some amazing facts about Wind Power…

Myth #1 Wind turbines are very noisy. This is not true at all. In fact wind turbines are very quiet. The truth is your kitchen refrigerator may make more noise than these wind turbines.

Myth #2 Your Wind Turbine will affect your television.. This is not true as well. I will teach you where to place your turbine in order not to have this happen. With the right tools and instructions you will be an expert in no time, not to mention watching your favorite TV. show.

Myth #3 Wind Turbines don’t really produce enough power. In fact Wind Turbines can produce upwards of 85% power 24/7. Not even your power company produces 100% of power 24 hours a day.


don bartell

If you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill then this is the perfect resource for you!


off the grid power

great wind power info!
just what i was looking for.

RF System Lab

This is great information about wind power. Is Amazon still offering free shipping?

Shyloh Generac Generators

Thank you for this helpful article! I wonder, could generac generators have some kind of similar affect?

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