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September 25, 2006



Excellent! let's see some commercials for this now VW! Featuring some beautiful models riding around with the hip owner of vehicles like this.

Green is status and sex appeal.

Please add a multifuel sOFC/microturbine backup power system now VW. Then start flooding your factories with this new cO 2 greenhouse gas killing power train.


Drool :p''

Superb - I will be happy if mine turns out 1/10th as good as this. Unfortunately I don't have the same budget as VW, so am restricted to lead-acid batteries, bu my heart's in the right place.

Check out www.bongovan.com for the progress of my 1977 Mazda Bongo 1000 conversion.


I wonder what happened to this one? No backup generator, no practicality? As with the EV-1.

No mass production and adoption as a direct result.

joel dalacker

when is this car coming out i want to get my hands on one

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