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September 05, 2006


Brian Wang

Wind and solar are not coming up fast enough. As I have said, we need to mass produce nuclear power so that it can help to get us off coal usage first and then oil. the biggest maker of solar power is saying it will be 25 years until solar is as cheap as nuclear. This is probably not considering that even cheaper nuclear can be developed using Thorium liquid flouride molten salt reactors.

westchester solar energy

when more and more people will start using it then i guess this solar thing wil reduce in price dramatically. and i hope to see it in more poeple house

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Bob Armstrong

Simple concept. I have $25,000 in my retirement ( sorry, but I do ), I own a home I like, and what to get solar. The Fed. Gov't let's me spend ( instant stimulus )my $$$ on my house. I get a better return on my money than I would get from Bernie Maddoff or any other investment ( 0% to 3% is safe bet now ) and I am investing in MY FUTURE. Whats the down side?

Kit P

How old is your house, what kind of HVAC, and where is it located? The stimulus package will have money for conservation. New low e windows or a more efficient HVAC would be a better way to spend government money.

The down side is that the solar panels will not make enough electricity to make the payments. I am not sure what you like about solar, they are ugly. Shade trees are beautiful.

Rebecca Kay

Going solar is important for so many reasons, but not enough people are doing it. I think one of the major reasons is the cost is still too high.

Check this out: http://www.losangelesiam.com/videos/a484f6125d1d

Deanna V

Great discussion going on here :) You know Solar electricity actually makes you money (depending on where you live and what you currently spend on electricity). If your state is offering rebates, the initial cost is cut immediately. If you borrow the installation money, as long as the monthly payment is lower than your utility bill(s) WERE before you went solar, you have immediate income coming in each month. Your state may also have tax incentives/credits that benefit you when you go solar. It may not be for everyone, but a wise investor would not discount it until they've analyzed the cost/benefit.

eco-conscious futurist

Deanna, I agree with you; the major drawback is, needless to say, relatively high residential solar power costs. However, other than being cost-effective in the long run and totally environment-friendly, a major advantage of solar power is that those systems are easy to install yourself to decrease start up costs and considerably low on maintenance. Thus, they give you a good return on investment.

Gerry Thompson

Some amazing facts about Wind Power…

Myth #1 Wind turbines are very noisy. This is not true at all. In fact wind turbines are very quiet. The truth is your kitchen refrigerator may make more noise than these wind turbines.

Myth #2 Your Wind Turbine will affect your television.. This is not true as well. I will teach you where to place your turbine in order not to have this happen. With the right tools and instructions you will be an expert in no time, not to mention watching your favorite TV. show.

Myth #3 Wind Turbines don’t really produce enough power. In fact Wind Turbines can produce upwards of 85% power 24/7. Not even your power company produces 100% of power 24 hours a day.

Terry Milligan

A GREAT ALTERNATIVE to expensive Wind and Solar Energy options:

Many are not only saving $$, but also seeing a large return on the small investment needed when they install EcoPower4 in their home.

Check this out!!

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