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September 07, 2006



I think this is no less than brilliant!

Scooters typically have very limited range, are very noisy, make frequent start/stops and polute much more than cars for the same distance travelled. More over, what you want in a scooter is strong acceleration and limited top speed; ideally suited for an electric motor.

Scooter Man

Thanks for sharing this information!

I believe that scooters are one answer to the growing problem of pollution and global warming! hey are perfect for commuting within a city, or for any short trip.

I also have a website about scooters that you may with to check out. Feel free to visit at: http://www.electricscooteroutlet.com

Thanks again!

alex kattas

I am interested in All lirthium ion batteries as i have a New 3 wheeled scooter being made. 2 wheels in the front.
Any persons or firm interested please email me and when my proto is done i will show you. New dealer interest.
if you have deap enough pockets maybe a partner. it is very cool and NO othet on the web looks like it all wheel suspenion, Double A Arm Micro Front and swing cheek plate in the rear
all wheel 6 in disc brakes (alum) 30 in wide x 50 inch long and when handle bar folded- only 19 in high. 24 volt (only 2 batteries now) room for 3. 1,000 -1,500 watt motor. light (leds) turn signals ect
street able.
alex kattas
lasvegasak2@aol.com las Vegas NEV USA


I really appreciate your blog.well done.


Developments in the latest trends can answer the question of each and everyones requirement.Like in for the postage purpose we have electric scooters designed for their requirement.Lot of money and also easy to maintain such scooters.

The most important thing i like with this Electric Scooters
is no noise or sound pollution.


I am looking into purchasing a scooter for commute back and forth to work within my city. This article is very interesting, my only problem with an electric scooter would be the higher price. Just doesn't fit into my budget.

Sandy Jones- Scooter Expert

For me the clear winner is a gas scooter. They offer more power, speed and convenience. Who knows after a few years of improvements maybe electric scooters will get my vote.

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