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September 22, 2006



Could these bacteria change tar sands or other hard to extract fossil fuels into natural gas underground?

Natural gas is a great backup fuel for renewable grid energy and the CO2 from running it through a fuel cell/turbine power plant can be used in algae solar collector biofuel systems.

Coal Portal

Interesting. I hadn't heard this claim before, but I would be interested to hear any evidence which suggests it does. Technology truly works remarkably in so many ways.

Angie of www.coalportal.com

Coal Portal

Coal Statistics shows that there are many companies answers to the call of a cleaner coal to help the environment preserve it's purity and as well as the coal industries longevity. Both must work hand in hand to see the sky rocket success in the coal market news and green house effect.


The investment into alternative power generating technologies such as nuclear energy may need to be measured against the potential cost when things turn against you as unfortunately happened this year in Japan. Coal prices and coal statistics show developing economies are more likely to increase their investment into & their use of coal mining in coming years because of coal's affordability and ability to quickly meet increasing demands for electricity and steel. www.coalportal.com

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