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September 05, 2006



Typical pol. Gets up on his hind legs and postures before the cameras. He has been a Senator for a very long time and he has done nothing before now. Maybe he should have railed against entrenched politicians and a head in the sand public.......no wait, that would not look as good before the voters as demonizing big bad oil companies. Typical voter: "I can't help driving a 15 mpg behemoth, Exxon made me do it!"

Larry Azlin

Since when are the oil companies or auto makers responsible for national security issues? Last I heard, that's what the federal government is for! If anyone is asleep at the wheel on this, it's Congress.


I mostly agree with Bde and Larry. The job of business is to make money - if Lugar wants businesses to work towards energy independence, he needs to help pass a national energy policy that makes it profitable to do so. How about he introduces a new carbon tax that forces consumers to pay a price for energy that reflects its true cost to our nation. Here's my idea: http://FairPriceEnergy.com


Why does every idea that comes out of Washington have to come with a tax increase? I like the idea of the government supporting sustainable resources, but forcing companies to do it (and charging the taxpayer for it) is only going to lead to substandard technology.

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