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September 15, 2006



Honda Motor Co. is to mass-produce compact cars that run solely on bioethanol

is not the same as:

Honda plans to produce flex-fuel vehicles capable of running on 100 percent pure bioethanol.

Jim from The Energy Blog

I agree, my only excuse is that the article I obtained this information from used the wording I used. I have reworded the post to read correctly.


I'm an ecomonics student and I have to admit I didn't know anything about ethanol until I heard Alan Greenspan tout cellulose ethanol as the "the only thing that can be a competitive thrust against gasoline". When I started reading about it on The Energy Blog and www.InvestInCelluloseEthanol.com, I was amazed! The frenzy over cellulose ethanol in unbelievable. Tree huggers love it. Politicians love it. Investors love it. I bought a few shares of SunOpta a few months ago and now I'm making a killing. ...and considering I enjoy breathing clean air, I feel really good about my investment in cellulosic ethanol.


only excuse is that the article I obtained this information from used the wording I used


In late September 2006, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., announced the development of a Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) system allowing gasoline engine-based power plants to operate on either 100 percent ethanol or most any mixture of gasoline and ethanol. While this concept is not new, the Honda FFV fuel system has advanced the technology to be more adaptive to varying fuel mixtures, and ambient temperature changes.
Brazilian Flex Fuel Vehicle - Honda FIT

Honda Car Deals

The Honda Bioethanol Cars has been widely applauded for its efficient packaging, superior fuel efficiency and advanced styling.

Honda Insight

The 2010 Honda Insight hybrid consists of a gasoline-powered 1.3-liter four-cylinder and a battery, along with a nickel-metal hydride. The gasoline engine is good for 88 horsepower and 88 lb.-ft. of torque, while 13 horsepower electric motor and 58 fleas foot-pounds. Because the variable peak power, the combined maximum power of 98 horsepower and 123 lb.-ft of torque. In our test track, the Insight zip from zero to 60 mph in 10.9 seconds - a few tenths slower than the Prius, but substantial, 2.6 seconds faster than the Civic Hybrid.

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