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September 30, 2006



SSL/LED Neon Replacement that's 80 - 90% more energry efficient.

LEDNEON® -Flex is a revolutionary, energy efficient, ultra compact light source, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of LEDs with the brightness of conventional neon lighting.

LEDNEON® -Flex offers huge advantages over conventional lighting and other LED solutions. Our products are smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly. Since 1902 Neon has been the mainstream for outdoor and indoor linear lighting. However, neon is known for complicated installation, fragility, shock hazard, high maintenance costs and high power consumption.

The benefits of LED compared to neon and fluorescent lighting are well documented on this website LEDNeonFlex.com

karl  (the bulbs are at the home improvement stores right now!)

You might consider removing the spam comment as I'm sure if you search on phrases within it you'll find that it's beenposted widely all over the web.

However it'll be a few minutes before I select which bulb to link, but for now, here is a picture link for one that might sell out if not preordered and will easally pay for all the eletricity wasted while waiting for it a matter of however manyh more weeks in just what months?

Oh I forgot I can't do that here so I really don't want to show the url so I'm tyhping the specs

11 watts

(that's gross input,not net to the bulb from household current!!!)

6500, or 65000 milli-lumens DELIVERED (!!!!)

CRI if you care of 92 which I assume is fantastic

and a choice of standard spectrums either 2700 OR 3500 K

This uses the LED (remember this is a fixture ready to ship for retrofitting in the finest and the poorest homes!) ABC news ran p2p commercial interview for last year. (on IM.com etc. it's probably stillthere and although hype makes for better viewing then the canadian boondoggle otherwise high frame rate etc. movie) It's here now!


Lots of environmentally friendly lighting can be found at www.onlinelighting.co.uk

Explosion Proof String Lighting

I've being researching about lights and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful :) . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog!

Andrea Evans

right light should be place in the right place

بلاك بيري

it always been that way since along time a go

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