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September 12, 2006


Dr. Bubb

Konarka is a very interesting company in its own right.

It develops light-activated power plastic that is flexible, lightweight, lower in cost and much more versatile in application than traditional silicon-based solar cells.

These new materials are made from conducting polymers and nano-engineered materials that can be coated or printed onto a surface in a process similar to how photographic film is made. Anywhere there is light and a battery, power plastic makes it possible for devices, systems and structures to have their own low-cost embedded sources of renewable power

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On GEI, we are very interested in tracking these new technologies, and discussing them. Come and visit us, on the link provided

Dr. Bubb

it seems the link does not post. so here are two:

GEI: http://www.GreenEnergyInvestors.com
Konarka: http://www.konarka.com/

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