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September 29, 2006



I went through this last month after needing a new one for a 1950 card which I refused to buy but rather returned the card and then had a supply fail so spent too much time trying to find an efficient vendor.

Ultimately a Danish company caught my eye, and they offer a develop kit.

Last night... well in recent hours I've realized that alternative technology makes a great battery simulator for electric vehicles and it renews my interest.

But this blog entry has no links to more info about googles trick! Please so direct me.

The point of course is that rapid or instant charging cells don't need to store more then a few blocks of power. Even if in motion actual or electromagnetic connection can be made to zap em back up. More importantly if the 'car' does not have to stop, it does not have to accelerate. So actual needs for a human body in motion despite resting in a seat are negligible and easally met without even doubling it's mass. Further braking isn't an issue, the amount of energy just isnt' worth recovering. It's only if massive amount for huge engines, tires, etc., have to be wasted that recovering becomes an issue.

To claim as google does that razor blade disposable PC's are within 10 percent efficeint after mods is absurd. They have to deal with real vendors which they didn't initially do. They shouldn't be owning the hardware but rather putting out requests for proposals like any entity that cares about efficiency not vanity would do. Only the RFP would have to be binding, and could include terms of limited rights to keep design secret.

ALso Gates wastes most of the energy by making people use ZUDEO like products instead of historically proven voluntary patronage for Artistic consumption. P2P of course runs 24x7 despite viewers only being home perhaps a few hours, netflix streaming rather numbers, per week.

The xbox brick is under regulated or overregulated legally. I'venot seen any comment on that other then how much it uses when it's being used. But it can be placed outside! That's almost more important then how much heat it puts off. Again Google may or may not be removing the even just 10 percent waste with more wasteful heatpumping instead of passive 'technology.'

The best way to save money of course is to buy peoples idle PC's time, especially those who just run walmart bought resistive heaters to spare there cpu's wear and tear to keep warm for much of the year. Or possibly even worse heat there whole home with a dangerous inefficient boiler or furnace.

So it can be concluded that people turning off there 'xbox's is delaying the cure for cancer, not just setting them back more then a pair of x1950's would for there pc.

flickr's similarly good but possibly ill thought out indexing by camera of all its' pictures won't have people rushing out to by new ones just, but will have them just using stock ones instead, saving much money for more meritous activity perhaps.

For me the term is "core" efficiency. Like how people spend more when they watch more TV. So making TV's more energy efficient might have them put more miles on there SUV, more good stuff in the landfill etc.

What saves money is continuing to use optical media- something endangered by even Gooogle but mainly the single user distribution interests. It's what Orwell talked about. Nothing etched on Plastic means truth becomes too easy to 'update.'

Even a hundred watts total, is insane for instant messaging. Almost all the CPU power is to play ads now. That's waste- to spend dollars a day for bandwidth, and then GIVE IT AWAY TO HUCKSTERS....

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I am wondering how google are doing it today.. are they still doing some moves on how to save energy?

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This blog shows that Google really cares! What we can give, though, in return is to appreciate the whole staff behind this brilliant idea. This is of great help especially for us working at home. Thanks a lot!

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google is such a great company. i am glad they pushing this. this is good to see from google

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This shows that Google is not only internet Giant but they really care for computer technology.I am very thankful to author about this post.

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Great post! This is really great technology to useful power saving. Most other popular display types save power too displaying black like CRTs and plasma screens.

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Gates wastes most of the energy by making people use ZUDEO like products instead of historically proven voluntary patronage for Artistic consumption.

Genee Blue

Google is doing a great job! Thay are finally into the humps of today's technology.

Allison Bryde

Well, this is very useful post nowadays especially for google for making this possible, it is a whole easier for a lot of people to find out about this. Nicely done!

Allen Smith

Ok I am using my Computer for almost 20 hours a day and my electric bill is HUGE I mean HUGE I can't seem to find a way to cut it down. I will try this and see the effect. Thank you for the tips.

Simon Jake Sue

Hello, Is google the only one offering this kind of stuff? Because if it is they so freaking genius to think higher than what people are expecting from them.


Nice! Thanks for a great tip, I am really interested reading this kinds of post.

Stewart Smith

Very useful information and am satisfied in how did you explain everything here.

Genee Blue

Has anyone seen the new image of gmail? Well google your awesome!


This is a useful post, it applies to many people in the world. We need this facts to save our world, nicely done for google.


Google is doing a great great job, since so many people is more into internet rather than reading news papers. This is very useful to me as well because I don't have time reading news paper in the morning.


Google is like imitating what MSN is doing, but possibly that they are doing this because they need be more competitive. Great job for them!


Hey Google you are the best Search Engine, ever since you are doing great and no you improving even more.


Google will make the difference in any way. More new things to come in Google!

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