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September 09, 2006



1/3 to 1/5 the energy of fluorescent lighting?  I was under the impression that fluorescents were ~30% efficient.  If so, such levels of improvement are flatly impossible (unless sunlight is used to feed the fibers and is designated "free energy").


The "efficiencies" sited are comparing "task lighting" to general illumination. It is always more efficient to put light only where you are working. This is nothing new. But it is usually not very pleasant to walk into a room that is dark except for the spots where you might be working.

However, it does make a lot of sense for refrigeration cases to have the light source external (keeping most of the heat outside) and then piping the light into the refrigerated area.


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Clive Nicholas

Anyone helpful, I have been given a light which is fluorescent but which I am not familiar with. It seems to have piping for hard gas as a medium. I have some images of it online at: - www.clivenicholas.com
Any advise welcome as I cannot identify it to find an instructional manual. I have tied before, whereupon I discovered that such items were taken off the market as the plastic cover could heat up if the appliance be left on continuously. Thanks Clive Nicholas.

Scott Bruno

Prepare to watch this little unit flourish into the future and set some pioneering records - http://www.12volthouse.com

If anyone knows of a business interested in sponsoring this projects effort by all means have them contact me, Scott Bruno, founder of Intrawork in California.

Thanks and Enjoy!


Fiber Optic Guru

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Kyle Miller

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It's always good if the lighting systems are efficient. Means it's cheaper and works better.

Trey Hopson

That part about the system being able to save energy sounds convincing! This will surely save a lot of money in the long run, but I'm just curious about the initial costs of the fiber optic lighting systems.


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