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September 13, 2006




I wanted to tell you about a boron hydride fuel cell described in New Scientist: http://www.newscientist.com .

But I can't find any way to contact you, except by placing this off-topic comment in your latest post. And this blog truncates the link to the story. So to locate the article, look for this heading: "New type of hydrogen fuel cell powers up".


Here's the link:  New type of hydrogen fuel cell powers up.


Also, there is a mail link in the left sidebar.

Drew Lee

Hard Carbon Lithium Titanate ???
I wasnt aware of such a thing... Please explain this too me because I think this is some form of a Typo!

Bob Leet

The RackPack2 beats the EnerDel system on every front including price plus it has more features at a lower cost and the actual patents. They are at www.deviceconduit.com

nancy gayed

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