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September 18, 2006



Well it's about time; maybe he decided to go to the movies after all. Whatever made him change his mind, this news is most welcome. I can only hope that he and his administration actually tackle the issue head-on and with vigor. I would hate to see him pull an about-face and make a speech to appease certain people, then actually do nothing about it.

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I'll believe it when I see it.


Me too. Beleive it when we hear it.

Then expect it to be lavishly favored towards Carbon Sequestration & hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Meanwhile expect solar cell / advanced battery storage to languish.



Don’t mean to be cynical – do you think this has anything to do with the movie out at the moment revealing “An Inconvenient Truth”?

It’ll probably mean merely a faster rollout of projects already planned – with additional spending ON PERCEIVED SHORTER TERM PROJECTS (such as nuclear) to try to catch up…

Does the administration understand – to make the real difference it will take complete institutional changes within industry, lifestyle changes in society (consumption decreases) and applications of new technology in addition?

Before I really believe he is serious, I’ll want to see the spending figures for:
• Energy infrastructure improvements
• R&D spending
The US accounts for 40% total world R&D spending roughly US $750 Billion total –equaling around $330 Billion of which 74% is actually defense related projects…
• Flagship program – funding and times of “crash rollout”

Here in the UK they just announced plans to lobby for 7% of road transport fuelled by bioethanol and biodiesel by 2010 (the current target is from an EU directive to have 5% by 2010).

"UK 'lacks ambition' on bioenergy -
British policies on bioenergy from plants and other natural materials lack ambition and clarity, MPs have said."

- BBC quoting
The Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (Efracom) saying the UK is lagging behind other countries.


It could be that Mr Schwarzenegger ... may have just started an avalanche of movement on this...

So watch this space.

Mark C R


"Toxic Texan?" What morons. No wonder newspapers are going out of business.


So what? Is he going to claim no one can figure out wether or not global climate change is from natural or human sources again?

That's my guess. He needs a get out of investing real money in renewables clause for his fossil fuelish corporate banking friends.

(the rest of my comments linked below, in deference to Jim, since they maybe be too political for this blog)


Ian Jefferson

I haven't seen any other news reports on this so-called "U-turn." Did the Independent get it wrong?
The US DOE announced a climate strategy on Wednesday. It was heralded with the sound of yawns, crickets and laughter. Was that the "astonishing U-turn"? If so, it's par for the course, but disappointing nonetheless.


It could have been the fact that "An inconnvient truth" is getting enormous amounts of publicity in the UK currently.

That coupled with Richard Branson (Owner of Virgin Group - and multi-billionare) announcing - with Bill Clinton (and his initative) that ALL profits from Vigin transport businesses are going to be put into R&D for alternative fuels. This is estimated to be around $3 Billion (£1.6 Billion Sterling) over the next 10 years.


The pressure because of the recent Californian announcement is therefore mounting on the US administration. I think this might have been something of a slip of the intensity there actually is on this currently!

Excuse the pun - but its only going to get hotter on this for President Bush on this though!


Hmmm...I'm thinking that Bush's "U-turn" is in how he treats Global Warming scientists. Do you think he issued one of those super-secret presidential orders to use harsher interogation methods on Global Warming scientists? At least until some of them confess that Global Warming might be a good thing?

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