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September 05, 2006


David Shvartsman

Very interesting. I had recently been wondering if the efficiency improvements in solar panel manufacturing would ever reach the scale of semiconductors or even flat panel displays, prices of which have steadily dropped in the time honored manner of most manufactured consumer electronics.

Now this news comes along and gives an engineering layman such as myself renewed optimism that the expertise of the semi industry can be applied to the solar industry.

I believe it was Cypress Semiconductor that recently spun off its solar division into a publicly traded company. I really do hope that these companies can bring greater efficiency to solar equipment and help fuel widespread adoption of solar power.

I have just read the post about Sharp's executive predicting reduced costs for solar power as well. Good info all around.

Timothty Lewis

This is such a great site. Thank you for existing. I just found you!! I am one of the environmental pioneers that helped create an industry 20 years ago caled "brownfields". Private capital being contaminated property, taking on all the inherent risks, and working with the local community to cleanup the soil and groundwater and turn the property into something the community wants. Their is green funds for this. Now I want to join the solar revolution. I am looking to get hired by a company that, with your recommendation, I believe will lead the way. I have many corporate clients and public agencies that want to buy and install solar. Please advise me of the world leaders to get myself infront of. Tim Lewis...timlewis77@yahoo.com...currently in Phoenix AZ and looking to move to the San Francisco Bay Area...available to fly anywhere in the world. thank you

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