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September 04, 2006



The "safe lithium battery" companies ( Valence, A123 and now Altair ) are now all trying to ride the wave of publicity with Dell recalls. Now Valence and A123 have done that, but how about putting a damn product on the market, ALTI ?

Jim from The Energy Blog


As reported in the last paragraph, Altair has sold batteries to Phoenix Motorcars for use in vehicles. If you follow the Phoenix Motorcars link to a previous post you will see the details of the $750,000 order, which is not insignificant considering the state of the technology.

David Herron

Well, what would count a lot is for the batteries to be available to the general public for a reasonable price. It's nice that Phoenix Motorcars is getting them. However I've got some electric motorcycles I've built that really want a better battery than lead-acid. I've been buying DeWalt 36v battery packs to play with (as have other EV fanatics) but it's gonna be expensive to build a sizeable battery pack that way.

Greg Woulf

They're trying to get back development costs now. The price will come down eventually.

These seem to be the big three of batteries right now, at least as far as production of cutting edge technology.

Of the three, it seems that Altair has the fastest charging while A123 has the best energy/weight, but I'm no expert, just a closet techie.

Having three different companies going in three slightly different technological directions seems an almost sure sign to me that electric vehicles are just around the corner.


The Gates foundation needs to place a billion dollar order or two. Then donate the batteries to efforts like the one that all those cities signed onto to buy plugin hybrids.

Instead Gates' money is being squandered on ethanol plants. Decisions about these very important choices need to be made now. It can't be left to politicians to see who offers the biggest bribes.

That will be agribusiness interests for ethanol and biodiesel, not battery startups.

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These seem to be the big three of batteries right now, at least as far as production of cutting edge technology.

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