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August 15, 2006


Jeff Olney

All I know is this; even before the sharesleuth.com article, I quit paying attention to Xethanol press releases & promises. If they had already implemented a couple of these new technologies, then maybe I'd listen.

But they haven't.

And they're doing even less than I pictured; one plant that's producing 5.4 MGY.

Mike Hearn

When I last looked at them, I was a bit concerned that due to "high energy costs" their corn ethanol plant was operating at a loss, yet they still awarded themselves huge amounts in executive pay.

JP Elverding - the Netherlands

I am involved with several local initiatives,and acquainted with some more (international) projects and they all have several things in common:
- technologies workon a small scale; they all appear to be scalable yet very few actually emerge and fulfill their expectations;
- finance is no problem until it has be paid; then "money is in transfer" or -in dire straits- "a new investor is to come on board"
- most people concerned are non-technolgy trained, mostly come from sales & finance
- they know how to sell, promis high yields and always are able to find an explanation for whatever problem arises.

Don't get me wrong: Some of these projects do come true; some of the people involved are truly frauds, the others are optimistic, scientists who believe themselves and investors who still expect yields of over 100% p.a. are without any risk.

I'm connected to a group that has real money and is investing in sustainable energy. Another of my contacts has plans, projects about to turn out power from waste and biomass. So yeah, it all could come through and will blossom, but it will be done on earth fertilized by people talking shit, investors being used as biomass and money down some selfish drains.
Let us not waver, let's combine our brains, resources ans try to save the world!

Dean Gokel

To Whom it may concern:

I am an independent research scientist with over twenty years running my independent certified laboratory in North Carolina. I have developed a technology and have demonstrated it to Dan Whittle, Joe Rudeck and others from Environmental Defence.org. I have also demonstrated it to EPA John Calcagni(800-476-8686) Feel free to contact them, my tech does what Zethanol and the rest of the country needs.

They all have seen first hand that we can take bio-mass such as hog lagoon waste or manure and bio-react it into fuels, alcohols and other chemicals of economic value. Why do all the finances go into pockets of fincancial types and the REAL SCIENTISTS like my self are starving? It seems like the corporate directors would REQUIRE their management staffs to hire people like us, yet the previous blog clearly defined they are NOT willing to spend the proper funds to actually go into large production, due to lack of scientific personnel. It is my concern that alternative fuels industry will become the next dot com stock failure because of promises and salesmanship cannot replace good old fashioned science. They need the scientists and WE NEED JOBS. Do you think they will e-mail me?


Nope Dean. I don't think they know how to surf the web.

Will their assistants print this out for them to read while on corporate jet junkets?

No way, it might make them spill their drinks while issuing crazed orders to have the respective assistants fired.

The latest from the Gates Foundation, forced by tax laws to give away billions in the next couple of years by tax free status necessities?

Funds earmarked for an effort studying transportation and energy alternatives has been diverted to studies of "intelligent design".

Money supporting your kind of research and development is going to prove gaaawd designed humanity. Nice job Bill! Good oversight.

cheap computers

The relatively low price it paid for the outside technology upon which its waste to ethanol dreams are based.

Water Ionizer Review

Just letting you know your RSS feed does not seem to be working. Great article though...:)

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