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August 30, 2006



Best of luck to Tesla! They may finally be the first electric car company to do it right.


Tesla is truly an amazing piece of engineering. It will be interesting to see what type of FUD campaign the major car companies will put together to scare consumer away from it.
With all the news lately about exploding laptops, I'm sure the Lithium-ion batteries would be the first logical target. Perhaps they'll buy a few Teslas and set them on fire around LA - I guess will have to wait and see.
This car represents a huge threat to the automotive industry - especially since it was developed by a startup - so expect the gloves to come off it starts getting any real foothold in the market.
In the meantime, I'm gonna start saving my money for one of these babies - just a beautiful car...


My guess is that the battery costs something like $30000. If it lasts only 100000 miles, that is $.30 per mile for battery cost alone.

On the other hand, someone who has $100000 for a sports car won't really care about battery cost. Plus the Tesla car will allow the engineers to work out problems, the solutions for which can be applied to cars for more everyday use.

Mike @ HCVN

Donb -

I'm mostly excited because SOMEONE is building an all electric car and spending research and development time on it. They've found a niche and have started to exploit it. Since they're starting at the very high end, the only way they can grow is by researching their way into higher volume, lower cost markets. If they succeed - woohoo. If they don't, some lessons will be learned and the "state of the art" will be advanced.


Greg Woulf

I don't think your numbers are quite right, but I agree that the battery cost should be right up front, and the fact that they'll need to be replaced.

If you bought the batteries wholesale they wouldn't cost $30k, more like $15k, and Tesla might have a deal with a supplier so it might be even less than that.

The roadster is guaranteed for 100k miles on the battery pack, Tesla says they expect 150k at better than 80%.

I think time will tell what the replacement cost and battery life will be.


"The roadster is guaranteed for 100k miles on the battery pack, Tesla says they expect 150k at better than 80%."

Where did you see that? Last interview I saw they were saying 100K at better than 80%. Here's the source: http://www.siliconbeat.com/ entri...c_roadshow.html

They say in that interview that the battery pack costs $20K, and they expect it to fall to about $12K in 5 years.

Of course, the big question is how quickly they move to next gen li-ion's, and what they cost. If they can get them for anything close to the $12k, EV's will be unarguably on a fast track to replacing ICE's, due to the much faster charge/discharge and dramatically higher cycle life which will cut life cycle cost to well below ICE vehicles.


Essentially the wealthy buyers are underwriting the resarch and developement.Its a beautiful thing.

Greg Woulf

I've read about the car in quite a few places, the 100k warranty came from an interview with Elon musk autobloggreen.

My cost of 15k was an estimate based on the same type of AA lith-ion that go in many small electric gadgets multiplied by the 6831 and rounded. They may be using a higher cost for those, and it might be more like $20k, I wasn't quoting fact on that number, just saying that I thought $30k was too high.

I got the 150k off of the Tesla site, where they said they expected more recharge cycles than the 500 because of the monitoring, control and cooling system that they use with the batteries.

I wasn't trying to pass my numbers off as fact, just that I thought his were a bit too pessimistic.

The Anonymous Poster

The Tesla is wicked cool but a tad expensive. The AC Propulsion eBox is more promising for those of us without bottomless bank accounts.



"I wasn't trying to pass my numbers off as fact, just that I thought his were a bit too pessimistic."

Makes sense. Too bad, I was hoping for definite numbers that were a little better. Conventional Li-ion's appear to not be quite proven ready for mass, cost-effective EV use. Hopefully that will change very soon.

Jens C. Hansen

I think Big Oil will do anything to discredit this car and Tesla Motors.
I predict there will soon be a newsstory about a burning Tesla Roadster and its 'explosive battery pack'.


What's the matter with these people. Who wants to be tied to recharging. What's needed is plug in hybrids-- not pure electrics and not pure internal combustion but the best features of both. At least have an available trailer with a small generator in it. Who wants to be stranded when the batteries are drained?


Already here Mary.


Buy one soon! But solid oxide fuel cells using CeO2/copper combined with a microturbine have 75% efficiency compared to internal combustion. And run on any liquid fuel.

Vote for the energy revolution at the polling booth and with your pocketbook. Electric powered driving costs 75 cents per gallon equivalent of gasoline. With this fuel cell it's the same price even without the electric recharge.



I read about this vehicle but didn't hear about deposits yet being taken. Oh well, guess I will have to keep a closer eye on next go around. I thought it was priced at $100K, not deposit of $100K?


David Shvartsman

Awesome, glad to see James posting about this car. Love that they used the name Tesla as well.

Does anyone know how much energy is required to charge the car for its 250 mile range? We know the energy to charge is coming from electricity with either coal, hydro, nuclear or wind power as the source.

What is the cost and environmental impact as compared to a car running on gasoline with an internal combustion engine?


Stephen Boulet

David, read Tesla's whitepaper:


Bottom line: power plant generators are lots more efficient than ICEs. Hopefully, more and more of the electricity will be generated from renewable sources.



Does anyone know how many kwh to a full 250 mile charge?


The Tesla Roadster does not use the chassis or suspension from the Elise. It uses technology licensed from Lotus, which is the method of building a chassis from aluminum extrusions bonded together.

Check it out on the Tesla blog:


patrick  mincolla

you are right on i have know that this was going to be it is not that hard to build a electric car HYBRID is not the way to go
the car is no good wasted money put the money into electric cars and say good by to oil co.


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For Tesla to have come up with this, it's an achievement! More power to Tesla!

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