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August 08, 2006


Harvey D.

About 600 lbs of batteries + control equipment and still 100 lbs lighter than the ICE model. This is a worthwhile accomplisment and very good news.

Imaging what could be done with improved quick charge batteries + super capacitors + lighter electric motors and control equipment.

This type of pure EVs could be the ideal second family car, the primary family car being a PHEV. That would be the way to drastically reduce liquid fuel consumption and associated GHG.


Yep Harvey very good sign indeed! Who needs to go over 70 mph anyway?

Put an overdrive feature in the police version and a few more batteries. High performance cars always have more powerful, weightier engines. That can be made up for in weight by lightening the other parts of the vehicle with slightly costlier lightweight materials for frame and body.

The 1 to 8 hour charge time implies the older generation lithium batteries are being employed. With the nano-tech ones a 15 minute charge ought to be possible.


"Otherwise this seems like the best EV I have seen-without seeing the price."

I figure there's a reason this article doesn't quote price.


I think that the note about the van modification is equally, if not more, important than the taxi mod. There's other hybrid vehicles operating as taxis (the Escape hybrid is popular in NYC), but these vans get a lot of delivery / commercial use, in addition to people transport. A good opportunity to pick up some mpg.


This is great; the ooze of electric vehicles into the mainstream is becoming a trickle.

The charging time needs help, though.  If you could feed the car power faster (say, a full 300+ VDC at 300 amps), it could be suitable for real taxi service.  It would be even better if charging power was available at taxi stands!

Harvey D.


I agree with you that PHEVs and EVs will ooze and trickle for a long time in North America.

However, they will flow and spread much sooner in Europe and roll and boom in China years ahead of North America.

Meanwhile, GM is spending $700 million on a new plant in Ontario to produce a new 400-HP V-8 Camaro gas guzzler. It may average 15 mpg... in regular use.....


I think you are right Harvey, China will leapfrog to EVs and sell them at Walmart for 14k. Right after they assume 51% control of the biggest box store.

A 75 mile range, 15 minute charge. with a 2000 dollar extra battery pack that will boost the mileage to 150 miles. It will be slow and small but very popular.

Energy cost equivalent to 75 cents per gallon/40 miles of driving. Compared to 3 bucks for a gas powered econobox. Sized about like a minicooper.

ESP or delusional thinking, we'll see? Hehey.

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