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August 03, 2006



If they would convert those things to run off of a PV trickle charger and get the price down that would be way kewl.


Do it yourself option 5000 bucks, excellent!!!!!!! Are these guys reading my bloggerel? Hehey.

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Honda Generators

Sounds like they may want to re-bid their job. Or just spend the extra 3 million. I guess mayeb it isn't that bad considering they wanted to go with a union job, but it really does show another inefficiency. It George Bush took the bid there would be people all over this one. Anyways, it is a move in the right direction, and if we had all electric cars and Nuclear power we would be way ahead, imagine where this technology could be had we been on it for the last 25 years. Bye bye American car companies, although I bet the new ones will be started in America.


> taxes on renewable automobile fuels, including ethanol (E85), biodiesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) ...

CNG renewable? Wow, now that's news. Please just call this alternative fuels next time and stop annoying those of us trying to actually save the world.

John Acheson

How efficient is your grid?

Most are measured at 50% vs. the gasoline value chain at 80% and diesel at 90%.

A new Prius is 37% times 80% for gasoline gives us almost 4 barrels of oil to the wheel.

I'm hoping that New York isn't simply trading barrels for buckets of coal...


That gasoline in an internal combustion engine in a car is burned at 14% efficiency. From combustion to wheels.

Electricity used to recharge an electric vehicle is used at 80% efficiency to the wheels.

At an average grid efficiency of only 25%, that still beats gasoline. And renewables use no fuel, so converting the grid to solar, wind, and water power raises that plugin car efficiency as it is adopted.

The idea of plugin cars is part of a larger strategy to convert the grid to renewables. Then 100s of millions of fuel cell/plugin cars running on biogas can serve as a huge distributed backup power generating capacity completely replacing conventional power plants eventually.

Converting coal, tar sand, and oil deposits to natural gas underground would provide hundreds of years of fairly clean fossil backup fuel also. The pipeline system already exists to backup all those biogas fuel cell vehicle to grid installations with natural gas if necessary.


Dr X wrote: That gasoline in an internal combustion engine in a car is burned at 14% efficiency.

Advanced gasoline engines achieve higher efficiency.

Why are you comparing expensive alternatives, on the one hand, to old-technology gasoline engines that are purchased on the basis of today's cheap fuel, on the other hand?

John Acheson

What does "plug-in" really mean?

Plugging into a coal fired power plant for the masses?

OR, plugging into a solar panel that hasn't been installed yet?

OR, plugging into a fuel cell or wind mill?

Who can really plug a plug-in into a renewable energy source?

We are all at the hands of big energy OR big oil, is there really a choice for most of the people on Earth that have little resources of their own?

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