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August 29, 2006


Don B

Hope they have the torque matched between the two front wheels to avoid torque steer.

IIRC, GM had problems using two motors to drive the EV-1, and so went to a single motor and a standard mechanical differential.

Of course, with 4 motors, the torque steer problem would be reduced by half.

Greg Woulf

That's a cool looking car.

I can feel the winds of change blowing, not to sound too hippie.

I feel like we're turning the corner from anti-electric to tolerance and soon to grudging acceptance of a superior technology.


Nice put, Greg Woulf :-)

This car would probably be horrendously expensive though.

With this much battery performance, just rip out the ICE! :->


With range and performance like that it is a definite contender to replace current gas powered vehicles. Put a reasonable price tag on the production version and I'd buy one in a second.

Harvey D.

With a quick charge, low cost, EEStor 52 KWh storage unit on board, this could be an ideal EV.

The new quick charge Altairnano battery back may be another alternative.

With more high performance (lower cost) batteries coming, this approach has great merits.


Well, I sent PML a boatload of questions a week ago, and they haven't gotten back to me. I guess a volume of 40 units' year is too low for them.


I do not buy it. Their demonstration material is somewhat rithoric, and lacks "how" details.

There is some lack of independent evaluetion or assessment stuffs there...

15 kw electric motor which matches the average energy consumption they say. But 15 kw generator in real life is small trailer.
Do they have technology to reduce size and weight of this at least 10 times, to accomodate it on board??

How about snow, wind that require far more than average energy?

limited wheels

i think what they are doing with the MINI QED is wonderful! just to put a little fun in it though, i would strap on some limited wheels from www.hubcap-tire-wheel.com. that would make it more appealing!

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