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August 07, 2006



It's about time they quit playing penny ante and started shelling out some real $$. Energy independence (assuming no nuke war) and the environment are the two most important issues facing the U.S. and the world in the twenty first century. Glad they mentioned cellulosic ethanol, we waste so much stuff in this country it makes me all melanoma, er, melancholy.


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a solicitation for up to $8.0 billion in federal loan guarantees for projects that employ advanced technologies that avoid, reduce or sequester emissions of air pollutants or greenhouse gases in the area of coal-based power generation, industrial gasification, and advanced coal gasification facilities. This marks the third round of solicitations for DOE’s Loan Guarantee Program, which encourages the commercial use of new or significantly improved energy technologies and is an important step in paving the way for clean energy projects.
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