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August 02, 2006



" * More energy efficient lighting for traffic and street lights.
* Building codes and practices that make use of more effective insulation, more energy efficient windows, more energy efficient heating and ventilation systems and more energy efficient lighting. - More energy efficient municipal water and sanitation systems
* Localized, cleaner electric generation systems
* Use of bio-fuels or hybrid technologies for city buses, garbage trucks and other vehicles
* Schemes to reduce traffic congestion
* Reduction of emissions from city garbage dumps and the use of biomass to generate electricity
* More intelligent design of electric grids both across the city and within office and municipal buildings"

This is all stuff that is being done now by private and public initiatives. The Clinton announcement ads nothing to that. This is only a public relations stunt. I question the value of repeating this tripe.


Um, bde220, did you miss:

1 Purchasing consortium
2 technical assistance
3 measuring tools..

and note: "most of these practices are not in widespread, systematic or coordinated use, thus greatly reducing their effectiveness"

The main thing I object to is the name "Clinton" associated with it. It isn't that I dislike Mr. Clinton, but he seems to be a "lightning rod" of sorts for some people.


Good article about the alternative energy industry: http://www.dhinesh.net/articles/071606.html

Lyle McLaughlin


Our Rotary Club has been working on a water line project that will travel some several miles and will provide clean water to a large number of people living on the edge of the wilds of Africa.
The program has teamed up with another Rotary Club in Africa. The program has a sound financial beginning, however, the Rotary club in Tanzania has three other community projects that have not been completed therefore, Rotary International, sees this relationship as one that will not succed primarily because of past performances by the Tanzania Rotary Club.
The program is ready to proceed with another partner and water will be running as a result. We have put a tremendous effort to date including engineering, finacial efforts and all other elements of such a massive project. But, we need to have a new partner. One that realizes the need for clean water.
I have watched President Clinton on the interview with Larry King on September 20, 2006. Mr. Clinton made reference to the organization being made up of doers. That is exactly what we are and where we are. We have a great deal to offer. The Global Inititive is exciting. We want to be a part of this effort and can offer a major project right out of the box as an example of what can be accomplished.
If this partnership could succed we have 29,000 Rotary Clbs in 170 or so countries that can use this as a pattern to provide clean water to a major share of those billion people that Mr. Clinton outlined as being without clean water.
Is it possible to discuss our program and the merits of a joint effort in this project? I am sure that this is not the proper place to discuss such a project but I have faith that my e-mail will reach the proper place. I shall wait for a response from someone in your GLOBAL INITITIVE PROGRAM.


Lyle McLaughlin
Past District Governor - Rotary District 5110


"he seems to be a "lightning rod" of sorts for some people."

Only with a constantly diminishing minority of people here in the US.

Laura Bush was helping the former president today.

Bush senior and Clinton worked together on Katrina relief.

The vast majority of us on spaceship earth think the name "Clinton" actually represents something overwhelmingly positive.

Restoring global peace and prosperity.


Well - he's highly thought of in the UK and probably in Europe.

See my recent comment
"mcr on Bush to Reverse Policy on Global Warming "

Regarding Richard Bransons $3 Billion dollar announcement - in conjunction with Bill Clinton regarding R&D efforts for Biofuels.

Richard Branson - is an ace at self publicity - I think he can see relatively early which way the wind is blowing ...

or which way the global temperatures are heading...

Even so - its good for global SUSTAINABLITY efforts.

So I'm well pleased.

Veronica Fernandes

My company is interested in reducing gas emmissions from our environment. We live in Zimbabwe and we have a few ideas on reducing gas emmission. How can the Clinton Fundation assist us.

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