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July 28, 2006



Yep, let them try it at Yucca or some other remote,already contaminated site. The nuclear industry has so many contaminated sites nto choose from!

Don't allow even one more nuclear power plant anywhere else until they prove they can handle the waste with these kinds of reactors, and prove that these reactors can be operated safely and cost effectively. Generating electric power that competes without subsidies with the cost of renewable energy sources like wind, wave, and solar power.

And verify this with real open, public oversight, not industry self (no) regulation.

But only allow this to go forward if/when the nuclear and fossil fuel corporate interests agree to an end to subsidies for their industries.

This is the kind of compromise representatives of we the people would offer up were they really representing our best interests.



1) You're projections for when renewables energy can run this country are way, way off. you must be one that believes there is no conservation in the mix (an efficient SSL light bulb is just one example). And you must not believe in the technologies you write about.

It would also be nice if the energy monopolies would quit stalling wind power development. It's already been proved they are using the same folks that worked for the tobacco companies who form phony front groups to stall wind power development.

The renewable energy revolution is also going to mean a re-regulation of electric utilities. The present system is broken beyond repair and the corporations that run utilities can't be depended upon to run them for national interest . That means no cap on net-metering allowing consumers independence from utility monopolies.

2) The report you site must be politically blind. As long as Harry Reid is minority leader Yucca mountain will be stalled. If he should become Majority leader, Yucca mountain will be stripped of funding and killed. And take my word for it - no other state will take nuclear waste.

3)Your cost estimates associated with nuclear power are far, far too low. You must be figuring costs in the limited way that the nuclear industry does that excludes the massive tax subsides nuclear energy recieves. $13 billion in the 2005 energy bill alone.

Why are pro-nuclear bloggers always telling us that solar or wind can't compete until it costs reach such and such a kw. But we never hear that argument about nuclear power.

The nuclear industry are somewhat like communists. they want to be the central party of enengy. They will make all your energy decisions for you and give you energy from cradle to grave - gouging you all along the way.

Paul Dietz

Comparing reprocessing to the storage of spent fuel at Yucca is a false dichotomy. The real strategy that will be followed is above-ground storage in sealed armored dry casks. This is significantly cheaper than either of the other two options.

Dry cask storage will be adequate until the fission products decay so much that the residual plutonium might become a proliferation risk, but this would take centuries. But even if you decide to bury or reprocess at that time (or dispose of the waste in space, or some other solution that a few centuries of technological progress would allow), the present cost is low because of discounting effect of nonzero interest rates.


"You're projections for when renewables energy can run this country are way, way off. you must be one that believes there is no conservation in the mix"

I like this formula: 1/3 of our power from large scale wind and offshore wind/wave platforms, 1/3 from small and medium sized distributed wind and solar on rooftops and over parking lots, and 1/3 from conservation.

I think it can be proven to be possible with present technology. Solar, wind, wave, geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling, electric plugin vehicles, superconducting energy storage could do it with mass production.

It would take an effort on the scale of WW 2 war production to make it happen though. But we are in a war and terror cycle over oil and an assault from global climate systems due to fossil fuel combustion created greenhouse gases.

This is every bit as serious an assault on human civilization as the axis powers were in WW 2.


Wouldn't the process called "breeding" enable us to produce energy without actually producing waste? Which president was it that said no to breeding methods proposed? Oh yeah, Carter, a trained nuclear engineer.

Paul Dietz

Wouldn't the process called "breeding" enable us to produce energy without actually producing waste?

Of course not. Fission products are still produced. Also, not all the actinides get recycled in the reprocessing step. Advanced reprocessing (not yet in use) would allow as much as .1% of the actinides to remain in the waste stream; current systems do much worse.


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