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July 11, 2006



Yeah, I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out where this fits in with the already-established cellulosic ethanol winners? I mean, it seems as though the DOE is treating this like it's some newfangled notion that will require an extensive development phase, while the companies that Jim lists here are already churning the stuff out and making leaps and bounds every couple of months.



And has everyone suddenly forgotten the recent BP/Dupont "Biobutanol" announcement?

Excuse the phrase - but isn't ethanol production now "Olde Skool" ?

I mean look at Daystar, Pure Energy's and Clean Fuel etc recent press release about them collabortating in making an integrated-ethanol/biodiesel biorefinery??

I think all this report will do is refocus research really... in terms of feedstock issues... and efficiencies. Maybe class this report as an "intervening Mid-phase report"?

I also recommend people watch the following Australian network - ABC "PEAK OIL" documentary screened Monday 10th July 2006 and available to watch ONLINE. It's VERY WELL SUPPORTED with a very flash and informative website!




Pure Energy Corporation Forms Joint Venture with Green Star Products, Inc. and Bio-Clean Fuels, Inc. to Undertake Integrated Biofuels Production



barry hanson

Why do we need to replace 140 B gallons of gasoline equivalent (16 quads)?, the current demand using very inefficient technology. Using plug in hybrids the demand would be lowered to more like 2 quads or 26 B gallons of ethanol.

Also, why is BRI or Syntec not mentioned as viable waste to ethanol processes?


Great source of information for our ventures into Ethanol production in the Philippines.

Harvey D.


Simple, every gas guzzlers must be replaced with bigger heavier ethanol guzzlers to chase all those efficient smaller PHEVs and EVs off the roads and city streets.

Jesse Jenkins

I agree with your analysis, Jim (and the comments from Mel and mcr): the DOE is treating the cellulosic ethanol field like it is a brand new field requiring extensive, government driven R&D phases before actual deployment of the technology 10-15 years from now.

In reality, extensive research and development has already been accomplished/is underway in the private sector (with government support, especially on enzyme cost reduction) and full-scale commercial production facilities will begin going online - what is it? - throughout the next three years?

It seems to be that by 2010, cellulosic ethanol will be fully commercialized by several companies and what will remain is to bring prices down, improve efficiency of the processes, and expand market penetration of cellulosic ethanol.

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cellulosic ethanol even if produced at a cost comparable to gasoline will not be developed to an extent where it will be a major fuel source. The DOE realizes that processes for producing cellulosic ethanol exists (they existed since WWII).
What the DOE is calling for is a highly integrated ethanol industry to match that of the existing petroleum industry. It requires the integration of feedstock production, processing/fermentation, and distribution. These are things that these existing commercial plants have not addressed. Only then will the use of cellulosic ethanol become widespred.

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