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July 07, 2006





In the netherlands the company E-track produced several busses with direct traction in the wheel and has a fuel saving of 50 to 60%i think this is the solution

john warnock

I think a Diesel hybrid would be best done with a combo of plug-in, small diesel with high pressure tdi style direct jet injectors super caps, mixed with NMH batteries (or a better alternative) solar on the large roof regenerative braking. The idea is to have a Diesel work the way it should at its maximum performence @2500 rpm or less but have the battery power electric motor take the vehicle from zero to 40 then let the Diesel take over that way you could have 5 gears so when your driving at say 85 mph your still at 2000 rpms that is the secret to good mpg using it all! That is the easiest solution in my opinion for bigger and mid sized trucks.

Crane Trucks

It is great that people are thinking about the environment and working to make the world a safer place. Not only the materials that you are using on your home are safe for the environment but dump trucks have come a long way since the earlier models. We are learning and expanding and coming up with a wide range of safer more effective vehicles for the work force. I think it is great that many auto manufacturers are turning to hybrid vehicles to protect the environment and now they are even using hybrid dump trucks.

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Truck Rental

I agreed with John. He well said that "Diesel hybrid would be best done with a combo of plug-in, small diesel with high pressure tdi style direct jet injectors super caps" . I am 100% with him.

bucket trucks

I think its a great idea to build trucks to be run on batteries. How long do they last though?

truck crashes claims for injuries

Thanks to engineer for designing these type of truck.
Mitsubishi Hybrid Truck is environment friendly and very less prone to accidents.It combines a compact clean-burning diesel engine, an electric motor/generator, and advanced lithium-ion batteries in a drive train that utilizes a high-efficiency automated transmission. The result is a medium-duty truck that achieves up to 30% better fuel economy in delivery applications and also produces significantly less emissions than its standard diesel-only model.

phoenix self storage

Hybrid is the new technology now. Much better for our environment.

Ford trucks

It's a great news.Thats good thing that people are thinking about the environment and also they are attracting towards the lower emissions vehicles.I think,many auto manufacturers are developing hybrid vehicles to safe the environment and now they are even using hybrid trucks.

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Compensation for truck crashes can be a complicated matter to resolve. As many truck crashes happen outside of town, they usually happen at speed on busy roads and may have far-reaching consequences for a number of other road users. If you choose to proceed with a claim for compensation, our solicitor will guide you through everything you need to know and will start to compile a case on your behalf.

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