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July 01, 2006


Scott Makowski

All they have to do is replace the hydraulic motors in this vehicle with back to back hydristors and they would double the mileage


lol. As a former UPS weekend driver, I can only imagine what the companys mitigation approach is. We literally ran trucks that had the wheels falling off and had something like five modern automatic trannies in our entire fleet at the hub. Everything else was old 1980 something warhorses with all sorts of problems.

Hopefully they take this seriously.


This is a terrifically elegant use of hoses and pumps. Imagine driving a big truck over a rolling road. From the top of each hill it coasts almost to the top of the next hill, and justs need a little engine push to get over the top before coasting down again. That's what this hydraulic hybrid should do. A heavy vehicle with lots of stops would get a big win from this. A garbage truck would probably gain the most -- a heavy load with ten yards between stops, all day long. And think of a city bus, instead of roaring and straining from each stop, being silently propelled to cruising speed by a big deflating balloon.

I hope it works.


Anyone know how quiet these things are? I get woken up by garbage trucks and night time street sweepers at least once a week.

Jim from The Energy Blog

I get woke up by garbage trucks also. The noise of garbage trucks is largely made by the mechanical noise of compacting the gargage and the back up beepers. No propulsion system is going to solve these problems.


A large part of the noise I hear is engine noise and the squealing of air brakes. Both of those noises should be reduced or eliminated. Yeah, the compaction noise is a necessary evil.

Justin Thibault

Wouldn't a "hydralic" system have to run off of a fluid by the classic definition?

Not that this isn't cool; but it needs a more appropriate name.

Justin Thibault

I mean, uh, "Hydraulic" - sorry 'bout that.


I think everyone should just buy insulating concrete form concrete homes so the noise of a bomb going off would be nothing more than a whipser. Then they could just make the truck efficient and worry about noise later. But the problem with ICF homes is we all like brick and stick homes that will only last 30 or 40 years. ICF would last centuries and would save us money, cheaper to cool and better insulating qualities when it comes to sound. Just another way the United States is being left behind by the rest of the world.

Peter Kukla england

Hello from across the pond.....

I think everybody needs to look a little deeper, this technology really hits alot of bells in one bang for your buck.
We have developed a Desiel Particulate which has a totally controlled Regeneration process (REGEN) entirely indepenent of the ehxaust temperature.
Technically this means we CAN achieve even better overall results in extended Urban Drive Cycles. In London the average Bus speed is below 7mph and alternative exhaust dependant technologies become blocked.
So finally, where we're all heading is the RIGHT direction.


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What's the latest; other than the delivery van I see nothing recent (and no word on test results from the van)?

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Wish i saw your blog earlier,anyway any latest? i am looking forward to your next post.



Looks good for the enviroment. Would also look good forthe Haulage industrys image

delivery service philippines

Cool invention!As an environmentalist i also encourage other company to do the same.



Would also look good forthe Haulage industrys image

Truck Rental

Wow..It is really great news for us. This hybrid diesel UPS is looking to be very useful thing for all transporters. I will surely go for these truck. It will reduce the fuel cost to large extent and make it beneficial for me..Thank you Very much !! Great work !!

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Dump trucks

Its going to benefit environment as it looks for now ...hybrid diesel UPS will do wonders according to me...


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It seems to me that this form of energy capture, storage, and application would work well in another set of cars that could benefit from being even greener: railroad cars.It's a very aggressive strategy, but it works because the power steering is run off the hydraulic pressure, and the brakes are switched to an all-electric system.

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Great Invention,
This suv will surely reduce pollution and make environment clean. What is the rate of this suvs.

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As someone who often used Diesel oil additives so this is the right place.

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This diesel hydraulic trucks will be very much helpful in transportation with better fuel mileage.
The truck owners would be delighted about this news..


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Oh woe is me, I am so behind on my dear friend Kaspit's blog. Let me say, though, that I love this post. You'll have to direct me to the ugliness you reference. Privately is fine if you are purposely not linking it.

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Really solid truck for the environment and continuing to improve it. The more improvements we make the better future we give to our famalies.

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These trucks do a lot of miles so it's great that they're being made more efficient so that they'll use less gas and be better for the envirnment.

CGS intake

This is the type of technology that we need in our time today. We can't anymore risk the pollution to affect our health and the environment.

Silverio R. L. Aji Sampurno

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