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June 03, 2006



As a competitor to the EPR, I've had a closer look than many. One can certainly offer criticisms of the EPR design approach. The specifics are still being decided as design is ongoing.

One point is the over-reliance on multiple redundant active safety systems. One reaches a point of declining returns and these are the most expensive systems in the plant both for hardware and space.

Plus, they intend to use diverse hardware vendors for redundant systems. Where a US LWR might have three redundant subsystems from one vendor, EPR would have four and all from different vendors. Think of the O&M costs involved in training, tooling, and spares X4.

Overall, I suspect that the marginal safety benefits will not be economically justified in competitive electric markets. Remember that EPR is designed for government monopoly owners in Europe.

Aveda's biggest advantage in the US is plant capitalization from the French government, ie lower interest rates and French subsidies.


Looks like more of the same: dangerous, heavily subsidized, incredibly expensive, soaring fuel costs, no answer to the waste problem..and french !?! The country the nut wing loves to hate?

And now we find that the plant that makes fuel for nukes has contaminated the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers with plutonium in the groundwater!!!!

"A uranium processing plant in Paducah, Ky., spread plutonium farther around the facility than was previously known and even contaminated ground water in the area, according to newly released documents.
Maps drawn last summer but not released to federal investigators reveal that plant officials had taken hundreds of measurements over 10 years showing plutonium in soil and water more than a mile from the plant's fence. Most disturbing was the discovery of elevated levels of the highly dangerous metal in dozens of ground-water tests.

The results of these tests suggest that government contractors knew far more about the extent of the contamination than was previously acknowledged, and the spread of plutonium was much more extensive than Energy Department officials reported after an investigation last fall." (Washington Post, Oct 1, 2000) emphasis added


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