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June 28, 2006



More along these lines, with a bigger fuel saving potential:


Jim from The Energy Blog

This technology is being developed for large trucks (over 10,000 lb). I am aware of the hydraulic technology that Bde2200 referred to which is being developed for smaller trucks. I have started a post on that subject, but so far it has not been a priority since several other blogs have already reported on it.

Charles S

"While each of these technologies may contribute a relatively small amount, it is only through the use of many technologies, each of small impact, that we can meet our goals."

I agree with above 100%. I've been defending hybrids and alt-fuels to nay-sayers in many forums, and a few years back, when gas prices were still relatively low, the issue of small savings was a big part in shooting down hybrids at the time.

If only I can find the news article, I remembered that GM was quoted saying that "x" percent in savings of the hybrid drive train was not worth the effort/cost. But for those who own hybrids, we know that it's a combination of many technologies, and the effort in design that really produce the results.

Obviously GM didn't want to take the risk in the production of hybrids, but its negative comment about the small, incremental savings of a specific part of the hybrids really did caught on in the anti-hybrid crowd. If it weren’t for the recent events in oil markets, this negative view (of "it saves too little, so it's not worth the effort") would have been another tool in the arsenal in selling the same old inefficient cars and trucks.

I find it equally ironic that CVT is now the "new buzz" in low-cost, fuel-saving technology. While CVT has been around for awhile, Nissan is pushing the gear box as the new niche in saving fuel for their line of vehicles. I hope people will not get disappointed when the one CVT-name magic bullet didn't really yield the big savings Nissan is trying to project.

The sooner people realize that the sum of the parts is the answer, the sooner we will see the shift from gadget-gimmicks to advance automotive designs.

Douglas Luke Christian

Dear Friends,

We could fit a lot of solar cells on the roofs of the box-cars that ride behind semi trucks - and then feed that energy into some batteries in a semi. Consider also the Toyota Prius - it is Gas-Electric Hybrid, right? Why not charge the batteries partly via weather proof solar cells on the roof? They have greatly improved solar cells in recent years, and the cost of production has come down as well. We should be making Solar And Gas-Electric (SAGE) vehicles.


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