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June 08, 2006



I really like the synergy possibilities here; use the ethanol waste heat for biodiesel; use ethanol instead of methanol (very toxic) as the alcohol in the biodiesel process.


Wow. Impressive. What's the feedstock for this biofuel?

D S Maisel

I would question the economics of this production. Has anyone calculated what these are ? Also from the point of view of energy needs, 10 million gallons per year are equivalent to about 650 barrels of oil per day compared to our current imported amount of 12,000,000 barrels per day. It would take hundreds if not thousands of such plants to make much of an impact.

Andy Smith

The economics of production are affected by the artificially high price of veg oil. It is important that we use all the waste veg oil we can as a nation as fuel, even paying more for it than the renderers are willing to pay. Then we can get an idea on the true value of veg oil, start producing more of it, instead of subsidizing farm land every year. Even then we will probably not be able to produce enough veg oil to meet our needs, but the idea is to get ourselves "off the sauce" so to speak. Then we start making more efficient diesel cars, and car-pooling. Who knows? Once we reach capacity on growing oil crops and using waste oil, then we look into algae farms. These have the potential to fix the problem by themselves. Let's get a few hundred of these plants going, and then say it's not enough, right? If we wait for the perfect solution, we just keep waiting.

Making Biodiesel

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George Odom

My pants are on fire!

George Odom

My pants are on fire!

George Odom

My shoes are wearing socks!

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